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Notice – Heartbleed In light of the recent media exposure regarding the OpenSSL ‘Heartbleed bug’ (CVE-2014-0160), Total Prepare would like to assure our customers that our payment processor Moneris has investigated and determined that our current payment infrastructure is not vulnerable to this form of attack. Your data has not been compromised on our systems as a result of this issue. Moneris’ PCI compliant network is operating on an OpenSSL version that is not vulnerable … Read More

As this year’s relentless winter finally approaches, countless homes across the country are bracing for record flood waters. Making sure your home, business and other possessions are protected before the waters reach your community or neighbourhood is your best defense. Quick Dam Flood Barriers is an innovative new product that is designed to contain and divert water away from your home or business.  Quick Dam eliminates the need for heavy sandbags that are bulky to … Read More

Unfortunately many areas in the country are still in the grip of winter with already heavy accumulations of snow and more on the way. As bleak as it may seem, spring is just around the corner and with it, the melting of huge amounts of snow in a relatively short period of time. The result will inevitably be the danger of flooding in many areas throughout the country. Preparing in advance is the best way … Read More

Hiking is a great way to keep fit and a favourite pass time throughout much of the country especially in mountainous regions such as western Canada. The solitude, communing with nature and the majestic beauty of the wilderness is an ideal way to unwind and leave the stresses of day-to-day life behind. But when planning a hiking or camping trip into the back country, even if it’s just for a day or two, safety has … Read More

With the huge amount of snow that has already been received throughout much of the country, and with some cities expecting still more accumulation, many homes are facing issues concerning water supply. In some cases pipes have frozen in most of the homes in several neighbourhoods leaving residents without any water at all. In still other communities where warmer weather has caused an unexpected high run-off due to large amounts of melting snow, water has … Read More

As we all know, emergencies and natural disasters can happen anywhere and anytime. For anyone with school-aged children, a huge fear for any parent is that an emergency situation will occur while their children are at school or daycare. The safety and well-being of your children is of course the biggest concern but is your child’s school or daycare prepared to care for your child for an extended period of time? The fact is that … Read More

Summer or winter; what can be more exhilarating than an outdoor wilderness adventure? Understanding and being prepared for the unexpected is the key to a great backcountry hiking or camping trip. Food, safe drinking water, clothing, and safety gear are essential for any such outing. The biggest concern when packing for such an adventure is that all items are lightweight enough to be carried for traveling in conditions where the terrain can sometimes present a … Read More

If you already have your emergency food and water supply safely stored, it’s time to start thinking about those few ‘extras’ that will make a huge difference to your supplies. Items such as complete toilet sets and respirators are two things that many people don’t automatically think about but will certainly be appreciated whether it’s to complement what you already have stored or to use on camping and outdoor wilderness adventures. One of the things … Read More

Outdoor adventures provide great opportunities for exploring the beauty of nature that we might otherwise not have the time to indulge in. It also gives us some much needed time to unwind, relax and forget about our day-to-day obligations; if only for a while. But as with anything else in life, planning ahead to make sure we are safe and prepared for some of those unexpected things that can happen is important. Making sure we … Read More

Although it may not seem to be in some parts of the country, spring really is just around the corner. For most of us this means getting outdoors a little more, tending to the yard, planning a garden, bar-b-queuing, and just enjoying the warmer weather.  But, depending on where you live, spring can also mean flooding. Spring rains and melting snow from nearby mountains can cause river levels to rise rapidly, putting homes and communities … Read More

Total Prepare’s Top 10 Emergency Preparedness products across Canada.   LifeStraw – The award-winning personal water filter, designed to provide you with safe, clean drinking water in any situation. Legacy Premium 120 Serving Entrée Bucket – 120 hearty servings of lunch and dinner gourmet entree’s for one person for 60 days. Premium 4 Person Family Survival Kit – Loaded with survival gear basics needed for making the most of any emergency situation. Etón FRX2 Multi-powered, … Read More

Newscasts in recent years from both around the globe and closer to home have shown us just how quickly man-made and natural disasters can happen and how devastating they can be, especially if we are not prepared. While there is little we can do to prevent most of these situations, there is plenty we can do to make sure we are as prepared as possible when they do occur. Events such as the tsunami in … Read More

Safe, clean drinking water for you and your family should be a priority whether you are going on a wilderness adventure, camping or preparing your family’s emergency food supply. While otherwise healthy adults can survive quite well without much food for a period of time, having an adequate supply of drinking water is a completely different matter. Wilderness adventures, hunting trips, or even camping in more remote areas can easily find you without enough clean … Read More

How one prepares for an emergency can depend to a certain extent on where you live. As Canadians, we are fortunate to live in such a vast country where our home can be on an island or we can enjoy mountains, the ocean and of course the wide open prairies. Different geographical areas are more prone to certain kinds of natural disasters. For example, the winter storms of the mid-west as well as the eastern … Read More

Who doesn’t love a great road trip! Winter driving shouldn’t stop you from going on an adventure with family or friends. Driving through the mountains or back country roads, maybe do a little snowshoeing or just enjoy some great winter snow-filled scenery. Obviously, any road trip will take some planning but ones during winter should include a few extra items to make sure you stay safe on your adventure. A basic first aid kit is … Read More

Whether or not we were ever a girl guide or a boy scout growing up, we are all familiar with the saying, “Be Prepared”. We don’t know what life or nature will present us from one day to the next and being prepared for some of the things that Mother Nature can unleash on us can be very scary if we are not prepared. As Canadians we know what kind of havoc the winter months … Read More