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Take Stock and Get Prepared While it’s Quiet We have mentioned list-writing a number of times in recent posts because when planning for an emergency, writing lists could be the thing that saves your life! Today, we have another idea for a list you may want to write, in the spirit of getting prepared. And who knows — if you enjoy organizing — you might even find it fun! While it’s quiet, or while you’re in … Read More

Budgeting for Emergency Preparedness If you’re in the midst of an emergency, your kit of supplies will seem like the most important thing in the world. You’ll be beyond grateful for the time you took to prepare. And not just the time, but also the money you were willing to spend. Putting together a comprehensive emergency supply kit can be costly. If you’re still trying to decide how much you’re willing to spend, and how … Read More

Spring Cleaning, Part 2: Getting Creative Ideally, if a natural disaster strikes, we’re all prepared with everything we need, all our kits are up to date and all our equipment is in working condition. For tips on how to check through your kit, see our first article in this series Spring Cleaning, Part 1: Replacing Supplies. If there’s one thing we all learn pretty quickly about life, though, it’s that life is not made up … Read More

Spring Cleaning, Part 1: Replacing Supplies Now that we know the basics of what should be in an emergency kit, as detailed in our last article Get Prepared, Part 3: Organize a Kit, we can expand our scope, jump forward in time, and look at how long different types of supplies will last. Safe drinking water is essential to survival. Without it, humans perish in about 3 days, and if our drinking water is contaminated, we … Read More

Organizing a kit is just as important as realizing the risk and generating a plan. When doing so, it can be helpful to think in terms of needing to last self-sufficiently for at least a week. And this could very well be a seems-longer-than-it-actually-is period without access to power or tap water. Once you get together everything that you need, it’s equally important to make sure they are all organized in a way that you … Read More

To follow up on last week’s post outlining the necessity of realizing the risk in your region, Get Prepared, Part 1: Realize the Risk, we’ve prepared a checklist for your plan-generating convenience. When emergencies force themselves into our lives, we often aren’t given warning, or time to make a solid plan on the fly. That’s why it’s ideal to plan ahead. If you have children, it’s best to have a special family discussion, one that is updated … Read More

When it comes to gauging risk, and knowing the hazards that you are most likely to come up against, it’s essential to consider your geographical region. Knowing the weaknesses or tendencies of your area will narrow down your “options” by a large margin. For example, and in a rather macroscopic way, if you live in British Columbia, the main natural disaster concerns include avalanches, earthquakes, severe storms, floods, landslides, tsunamis and wildfires. A lot of … Read More

What to do After Your Home Has Flooded by Snow Melt Dreaming of warmer weather and what is to come is exciting, especially if we have experienced a long cold winter. For areas with large amounts of snow fall, the rise in temperature can also lead to panic and uncertainty. No matter how much we prepare our home for the potential of flooding after a snow melt, it may not be enough and can lead … Read More

Yikes! Heavy snowfalls have been a regular occurrence this winter, especially for eastern Canada. Even though we are nearing the end of this cold season with warmer weather moving in, warmer conditions can also mean huge snow melts. The more snow you have in your area, the more at risk you may be for flooding and damage to your home. There are simple precautions one can take in order to decrease the risk that flooding … Read More

Efficient Use of Your Cell Phone During an Emergency Technology being what it is today, we rely so much on the use of our cell phones and electronic devices. They are such a big part of our lives that we may not often stop to think what we would do in an emergency if we didn’t have the use of our mobile phones. Whether you happen to be sitting at home when an emergency occurs, … Read More

Mobility Limitations During an Emergency We all have things to take into consideration when trying to prepare ourselves and our loved ones for a worst case scenario. In the case of a disaster, most of us are able to evacuate if necessary, easily get to a friend’s or neighbour’s house, or be comfortable sheltering in place at home. However, it might not be so easy for someone who relies on the use of elevators, electrical … Read More

Emergency Preparedness for Seniors Just as we want to prepare ourselves and our children for an emergency, we also want to make sure our elderly parents, grandparents, family, and friends are ready for the unexpected. Due to their age, older adults may likely have already experienced an emergency situation or two and know how to react quickly. However, the aging process can also make someone more vulnerable especially if they have a medical condition, mobility limitations, … Read More

Are Your Children Ready for an Emergency? Last week we covered how to look after our pets in Is Your Pet Ready for an Emergency?. This week, the next article in our Going Beyond – Preparing the Whole Family series hits close for many of us. It is scary to think that our loved ones may one day be faced with an emergency, especially when it comes to our young children. As much as we want to put … Read More

Close your eyes. Imagine you have to flee. Now. Visually walk through a whole day. What could you absolutely not do without? What would your children, pets, elderly parents or grandparents need? Does your kit cover these needs? Our article this week kicks off a series on Going Beyond – Preparing for the Whole Family. It is our intent that these articles trigger ideas of items to add to your emergency kits so you are not … Read More

Cook Indoors or On-the-Go! Imagine being able to cook your food, or heat your drink without starting a fire, turning on an element, or firing up the propane. You will love the convenience, lightweight, and simplicity of having a hot meal without ever having to strike a match. The BaroCook system is perfect for those who want good food, quickly. Bring it with you on your outdoor adventures and save time, cleanup, and hassle, so … Read More

Before you head out in the cold blustering snow be sure you have the basics covered when travelling either long or short distances. Even minor delays like a car accident up ahead can put you at risk if you are not properly prepared. Double check that you have enough fuel, your tires are in good shape, your lights work, your anti-freeze and washer fluid levels are topped up and your battery is fully functioning. Along … Read More