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As we continue to welcome 2016, some of us may feel blindsided by the new year but hopefully we’re all excited about what the next twelve months hold. It’s always interesting to consider the unknown future, but it can also be empowering to take the reins and try to plan for it as best we can, aiming for the brightest outcome. January is a great time to use your spirit of resolution for motivation. And hopefully this … Read More

Now that the Christmas festivities are over, many of us are left with homes full of stale decorations that need to be taken down, leftover food and wine and egg nog, and new toys all over the house. What’s the best way to go about restoring order to your home? Well, you probably have your own methods, but here are a few safety tips that we think are helpful to consider. Ladder Safety. If you need … Read More

In our current series, Staying Safe During the Holiday Season, we’ve been talking about extra safety precautions to take during this time of year, whether you’re creating a bright and cozy atmosphere in your home, giving gifts, or jetting away to a getaway vacation. Today we want to wrap up our holiday safety series with some tips on things to think about when you’re enjoying the great outdoors during the holidays. As we all know, … Read More

By December, many of us have already made our Christmas plans and are looking forward to time spent with our loved ones. While some of us are able to stay in our hometowns and not worry about traffic or the weather, the nature of families is that they grow and are often dispersed across the city, province, country or world! Some families who live in colder climates feel the urge to spend their vacation somewhere … Read More

Gift Safety Christmas is a time when many of us look forward to expressing our love for one another through gifts. Some of us may enjoy creating handmade foods, crafts and art for our loved ones, and some of us may shop for the gifts we give, or a mixture of the two! At Total Prepare, we have hundreds of items that work perfectly as gifts! But even if you end up getting some of … Read More

House Safety The holidays are near, and with it comes the anticipation of the warm and cozy evenings we get to spend inside, next to crackling fireplaces, flickering candles and sparkling Christmas trees. The luxuries of a wood burning fireplace or carols by candlelight are age-old traditions, simple pleasures that are as enjoyable today as they were many years ago. Candles are a sure way to make a room cozy and inviting. It can be a … Read More

Do you have adventurous friends or responsible loved ones in your household? This week only, the popular Urban 72 Hour Survival Kits are on sale for a fraction of the price, and they’re perfect for many different kinds of people. Get our 2 Person Urban 72 Hour Survival Kit for just $124.95, down from $149.95 Or our 4 Person Urban 72 Hour Survival Kit for just $174.95 instead of the regular $199.95 The 4 Person Urban 72 … Read More

Do you need to prepare for extreme winter weather? For those of us living in tamer micro-climates like the ones found in Victoria, BC, the idea of extreme winter weather might seem ridiculous. But for many of our neighbours, just a little further north and a little further east, winter can be a battle. If you live in regions with winters that are impossible to mistake for spring, then it’s necessary to take the cold season … Read More

As we sink from autumn into winter, sometimes the length of daylight can change noticeably even between one day and the next. And for those of us living in regions where Daylight Savings is in effect, the days can feel even shorter! You leave your home in the dark and you return home in the dark. And sometimes it feels like the darkness will go on forever. That’s when the magic and science of light … Read More

With Christmas on it’s way, it’s a season of getting together with our loved ones and eating good food together. It’s a time of year when those of us who aren’t usually gourmet cooks may try our hand at new, decadent, recipes and create too much food for each occasion because leftovers are arguably the best part of the holiday. This kind of extravagance may seem like a necessity to those of us who are … Read More

A week ago, we talked about the necessity of being prepared to fight flooding as winter descends across Canada. Of course, flooding is not the only natural disaster that is common in our country. Blizzards and earthquakes are also risks we need to prepare for, among others. With the temperatures dropping, and the rain and snow setting in, it’s such a wonderful time of year to be cozy indoors. Isn’t it amazing to have a warm home to … Read More

The best parts of Halloween are the anticipation throughout the day and the evening full of family and community fun. Kids dress up in adorable costumes and there is a festive chill in the air as everyone gets hopped up on sugar and adrenaline. The worst part of Halloween is the risk of dark streets and backyards. If you or your kids are planning on hitting the sidewalk in costume (or out) this year, make yourself visible with … Read More

You may have heard that individuals, schools and businesses in provinces all across Canada participated in the big ShakeOut event earlier this month. As the largest earthquake drill in the world, British Columbia, Quebec and the Yukon all participated in wisely preparing for the likelihood of an earthquake emergency. In BC, “The Big One” is not just a story to scare people. It’s the eventual result of tension building up over time. That’s why it is a good idea to … Read More

As the days get shorter and darker, it’s easy to enjoy the coziness of spending evenings indoors, especially after days spent out in the brisk cold. But it’s less enjoyable to deal with complications, as the rainy season descends and floods become all too common. Floods are Canada’s most frequent natural disaster. As much as they can happen any time of year, the risk increases during times of heavy and consistent rainfall. There are also … Read More

  Have you Heard of The Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills, officially recognized on October 15th worldwide? If you haven’t, it might be a good idea to get the word out around your school or office! It’s a day when people of all ages will practice how to react in the event of an earthquake. Drills are taking place at 10:15am, preparing people for earthquakes so that they can rest easy, with the latest knowledge on … Read More

In Canada, thanksgiving is almost upon us. And isn’t thanksgiving all about communication? Expressing ourselves? For some of us, the reasons to be thankful are so abundant that we skip the first obvious few—a roof over our heads, our safe communities, our families, food and clothing—and try to get more creative with our expressions of thanks. But what if I reminded you that good communication could be the reason for keeping these basics intact? In … Read More