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This week, we’re continuing with our weekly Christmas sales by offering you an item that is a life-saver while also being an encouragement to get out of your comfort zone! It’s the LifeStraw Go, a water filter that’s been combined with a sport water bottle to enable users to drink water safely on the go, even when there is no water source nearby. And this week you can purchase one for just $32.95, down from … Read More

As we sink from autumn into winter, sometimes the length of daylight can change noticeably even between one day and the next. And for those of us living in regions where Daylight Savings is in effect, the days can feel even shorter! You leave your home in the dark and you return home in the dark. And sometimes it feels like the darkness will go on forever. That’s when the magic and science of light … Read More

In the past couple weeks, we’ve shared some super Christmas sales with you, and we’re excited to announce that this week we’re continuing the trend with an offering of $12 off our Emergency Survival Bottle! That means you can buy it for just $18.95, down from the usual $29.95. This item is the ultimate emergency companion because it’s so portable. You can take it with you anywhere! And because it’s such a reasonable price, you … Read More

If you’re planning ahead and getting your shopping done early so that you really enjoy the Christmas season and be present (instead of worrying about presents), then you’ll be happy to know that we’ve got your back! Our first weekly Christmas Special was on last week, but it’s not too late to get the Deluxe First Aid Kit for our everyday great price of just $19.95. Even more importantly, you won’t want to miss our sale … Read More

With Christmas on it’s way, it’s a season of getting together with our loved ones and eating good food together. It’s a time of year when those of us who aren’t usually gourmet cooks may try our hand at new, decadent, recipes and create too much food for each occasion because leftovers are arguably the best part of the holiday. This kind of extravagance may seem like a necessity to those of us who are … Read More

A week ago, we talked about the necessity of being prepared to fight flooding as winter descends across Canada. Of course, flooding is not the only natural disaster that is common in our country. Blizzards and earthquakes are also risks we need to prepare for, among others. With the temperatures dropping, and the rain and snow setting in, it’s such a wonderful time of year to be cozy indoors. Isn’t it amazing to have a warm home to … Read More

With Halloween over and done, it’s already time to begin thinking about plans for the Christmas season! Here at Total Prepare, we’re excited about what we have to offer in the way of great gift ideas. This year in the weeks leading up to Christmas, we’re selecting one item a week to put on sale. The items we’ve chosen range from stocking stuffers, ideas for friends and family or just something you want for yourself! … Read More

The best parts of Halloween are the anticipation throughout the day and the evening full of family and community fun. Kids dress up in adorable costumes and there is a festive chill in the air as everyone gets hopped up on sugar and adrenaline. The worst part of Halloween is the risk of dark streets and backyards. If you or your kids are planning on hitting the sidewalk in costume (or out) this year, make yourself visible with … Read More

You may have heard that individuals, schools and businesses in provinces all across Canada participated in the big ShakeOut event earlier this month. As the largest earthquake drill in the world, British Columbia, Quebec and the Yukon all participated in wisely preparing for the likelihood of an earthquake emergency. In BC, “The Big One” is not just a story to scare people. It’s the eventual result of tension building up over time. That’s why it is a good idea to … Read More

As the days get shorter and darker, it’s easy to enjoy the coziness of spending evenings indoors, especially after days spent out in the brisk cold. But it’s less enjoyable to deal with complications, as the rainy season descends and floods become all too common. Floods are Canada’s most frequent natural disaster. As much as they can happen any time of year, the risk increases during times of heavy and consistent rainfall. There are also … Read More

  Have you Heard of The Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills, officially recognized on October 15th worldwide? If you haven’t, it might be a good idea to get the word out around your school or office! It’s a day when people of all ages will practice how to react in the event of an earthquake. Drills are taking place at 10:15am, preparing people for earthquakes so that they can rest easy, with the latest knowledge on … Read More

In Canada, thanksgiving is almost upon us. And isn’t thanksgiving all about communication? Expressing ourselves? For some of us, the reasons to be thankful are so abundant that we skip the first obvious few—a roof over our heads, our safe communities, our families, food and clothing—and try to get more creative with our expressions of thanks. But what if I reminded you that good communication could be the reason for keeping these basics intact? In … Read More

We welcome Mike Ursel, President of QuakeSafe Retrofits, Construction Corp., and his guest contribution to our blog today. Thank you, Mike! As much as we would rather not think about it, all of us in Victoria, Vancouver and the lower mainland of British Columbia live in an earthquake prone region – the Cascadia Subduction Zone. As the Juan de Fuca tectonic plate subducts beneath the North American plate it pushes against the edge of the North … Read More

As we talked about in our most recent post, we can’t always count on our regular food suppliers to sustain us through emergency situations. The Vancouver storm in August was a perfect, small-scale example of what can happen: power outages sweep a city, freezer food goes bad, and everyone starts running to the grocery stores. Many people are thinking, “What if this were an even bigger emergency—like an earthquake—and this were all I had in … Read More

Over the months of August and September, a number of events resulted in a flood of orders that resulted in a shortage here at Total Prepare. Indeed, the entire preparedness industry was facing depleted shelves. If you’ve browsed our website or our blog, or bought emergency supplies from us, you’re probably aware that one of our main long term food lines is Legacy Foods. What happened this summer was that Legacy Foods themselves had orders that were up … Read More

The beginning of September can feel like the start of a new year. It’s a time to rekindle the love of learning; the smell of brand new pencils, erasers, note-books and new classrooms is definitely an indication that school has started. Many people also use September to start other routines, like exercising, healthy eating, and house organizing. What better time than now to also make it a routine to stock up on emergency supplies for home? If … Read More