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In the upcoming weeks, we want to share a short series on Disaster Recovery! We’ll be talking about what happens in the aftermath—once the disaster has been brought “under control”—and connecting you with some helpful resources. We’ll be talking about… Health & Safety Guidelines Returning Home Seeking Disaster Assistance Coping with Disaster, on a Psychological Level Today, we want to guide you through some basic health and safety rules to follow after a disaster—whether it’s … Read More

When you’re thinking about emergency preparedness, it can be helpful to break down the elements of preparedness into categories based on priority. Like so: Water Food Heat Shelter Light Communication First Aid Sanitation However, just because sanitation is listed last doesn’t mean that it’s not important! On the contrary, creature comforts can increase your mental fortitude during a crisis, and that’s priceless. During an emergency situation—whether you’ve been through an earthquake, a tornado, a flood … Read More

When you are building an emergency kit, you want to ensure that you have enough nutritious food to be self-sufficient for up to 2 weeks! That’s at least 1200 calories per day, per person. Of course, depending on your size and activity level, you may want to add more. You want to keep your energy and your strength up so that you can face whatever hardships lie ahead with the best of your ability! You … Read More

For many of us living in the Fraser Valley and on Vancouver Island, the season’s snowstorms have felt like a freak of nature! Especially here in the Greater Victoria area, many of us treat February like the beginning of spring. In years past, we’ve been spoiled by white and pink cherry blossoms spilling all over the sidewalks and streets. This year, however, those sweet treats may be delayed by a week or two. As the … Read More

While we firmly believe that Emergency Preparedness should be a top priority, sometimes when the sun’s out and life seems too happy to include disasters, making the choice to start an emergency kit can be a tough decision. We get it. And while we also believe that it’s a good idea to bite the bullet and get preparing anyway, we understand why you might want to do it on a budget! Thankfully, you’re not alone. … Read More

At Total Prepare, we’re all about survival. We want you to survive any disaster that comes your way and if you’re caught unprepared, we sincerely hope you can make it through with what you happen to have in your home already. Many people—if they delay grocery shopping by a day or two—can survive on the leftovers in their fridge and the less-than-exciting food in the freezer. Even if the fridge and freezer are basically empty, … Read More

If you’re serious about being prepared for an emergency situation, you’ve probably already stocked up on the foundation items, such as water, food, heat and shelter supplies, light sources, communication devices, first aid, and sanitation supplies. (If you haven’t, check out our online store to find all the emergency supplies you’ll need and more!) You probably already know where the emergency exits in your home are and you may have even created an emergency plan … Read More

When we say “stay strong,” we mean both physically and mentally because both are equally important when it comes to surviving the long haul that can come after a big disaster. Below, we’ve shared a few tips to help you prepare for physical and mental strength during an emergency. Feel free to copy or print out this list to keep with you in your emergency supply kit! Keeping up Your Mental Strength Talk to people … Read More

Most of us like to adhere to the Golden Rule as much as possible, right? However you would like to be treated, treat others in that same way. So what if you have prepared yourself for an emergency but your family, housemates, or neighbours are having a tough time preparing themselves? What if they’re actually unable to prepare—what then? It’s easy to take good health and fitness for granted when you haven’t experienced anything other, … Read More

A lot of people would prefer to avoid the snow altogether, if they could. Some people fly to warmer locations to wait out the winter. Others stay inside as much as possible. However, some people learn to embrace even the chilliest of seasons and learn to love all of the beauty and magic it has to offer. For those of you who love snow, it’s still important to remember that snow can pose great danger … Read More

One of the top tips for surviving a snowstorm is to not get caught off guard. How to do that? Be prepared and know that it’s on its way. Try to stay in touch with the weather report on a daily basis if you have heard of a storm brewing. All of the basic cold weather safety tips apply on a regular winter day, but what about when a snowstorm has seriously taken over? And … Read More

Even in the warmer regions of Canada, we’re experiencing a steep drop in temperatures. Looking out over the frosty rooftops is beautiful, but it also means that going outdoors can be more treacherous than usual. Here are a few winter safety tips to consider, whether you have just a little frost or 10 feet of snow! Check in with the weather forecast regularly and listen up for wind chill warnings. Perhaps use Environment Canada as … Read More

Have you heard the term “meteorological winter”? It’s the period of time between December 1st through the end of February and it’s the coldest three-month period of the year in the northern hemisphere. Down on the Southwest coast of Canada, here in Victoria BC, we enjoy our own micro-climate that keeps us warmer and drier than anywhere else in Canada! With that said, we still experience wintry days and icy streets so it’s wise for … Read More

Along the west coast of Canada communities live in expectation of The Big One among other pending disasters. It’s unhealthy to live in fear, but it could save your life to be practical—and by that we mean knowing the dangers, and doing something about it. The very fact that you’re visiting Total Prepare and reading up on the safety tips in our blog means that you’re on the right track! When even just one more … Read More

December feels like it’s going to be over before it even gets started, but doesn’t it feel that way every year? Time seems to whip by faster and faster toward the end of each year and it’s easy to miss out on any time for reflection.   That’s why today we’re encouraging you NOT to wait. Consider the goals you want to make now, today, while you’re thinking about it (since we brought it up)! … Read More

Do you take risk assessment and emergency preparation seriously? Do you already have a career but want to do more to make your community safer and more secure? Do you want to learn more, while meeting like-minded individuals? If so, you might be interested in joining the emergency management forces as a volunteer, in a city near you! Of course, you could always start with the Canadian Red Cross and check out the volunteer opportunities. … Read More