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5 to 50 Year Packaged Water

5 to 50 Year Water in Pouches and Cans!

Be prepared with our emergency canned water that has a 50 year Shelf Life. Yes, you read that right…50 years!

Blue Can water is purified, sterilized and disinfected to remove any chemicals or particles using a 12 step multi-stage process. It’s the cleanest water you’ll find anywhere!

Blue Can filters and purifies our premium canned water to less than one part per million of dissolved solids. This level of purity creates a clean fresh taste most plastic bottles fail to achieve.

Looking for traditional freeze-safe 5 year water pouches instead? We have those too! 5 to 50 year water

eQuenchal Canned Water – Case of 24


Food and Water Replacement Kit


SOS Drinking Water Pouches


Blue Can Water 355ml

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