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If you’re someone who’s keen to go in-depth with emergency preparedness— beyond just knowing what to put in your survival kit—you might be wondering about what kinds of programs are available in Canada. A good place to start is Public Safety Canada, where you can get an education on our national policies and plans surrounding disaster mitigation, risk assessments, emergency management training and communications interoperability. You can also learn more about our national Disaster Assistance … Read More

If you have kids in the house, or even roommates who act like kids—you know that establishing a routine can be a life-saver. As we’ve mentioned throughout our blog, preparing a family meeting and going over an emergency drill is key to being as safe as possible in a disaster. You’ll want to start by collecting the emergency supplies you’ll need, ensuring that everyone knows how to use all equipment, and writing down a plan … Read More

With fall officially here the days are getting noticeably shorter and darker. For many Canadians, daylight savings will take effect on November 6th, blanketing us in long, sleepy nights. For some, the shorter days and longer nights are anticipated with gleeful plans of sitting around a cozy fireplace and catching up on neglected reading goals. Others might simply feel sad that the long days of summer are over. However you feel about the incoming autumn, … Read More

If you’ve looked at a Facebook feed lately, or taken a drive through the countryside, you’re not oblivious to the fact that fall is on it’s way. In fact, although it’s still technically summer, for all the pumpkins you’re seeing everywhere, it might as well be fall already—right? If you’ve dabbled in gardening, you know that fall means more than just pumpkins in your garden. Here in the South-West coast of Canada, a whole host … Read More

Once a year, families, workplaces and organizations across British Columbia practice Earthquake preparedness in a unified event that reminds everyone of the basic safety tenets of earthquakes. If you’re not already involved, consider registering today! On October 20 at 10:20am millions of people worldwide will be practicing how to drop, cover and hold on. If you’re in another Canadian province, or live in another country, you can still participate! It’s the perfect opportunity for everyone … Read More

Back-to-school season is in full swing. The faces of kindergartners and first years have the same rosy glow and sometimes—if you’re not heading back to school yourself—seeing all of the fresh outfits, new hairdos and hip backpacks that go along with the season… can be nostalgia-inducing! For many people, September has more of a new-year feel to it than the New Year we celebrate on January 1st. If you’re one of those people who is … Read More

Whether or not you’re a planner, if you live in a rainy region—like we do on the west coast of British Columbia—it’s a necessity to plan ahead for the rain. If you don’t, it’s not a matter of if you’ll get caught in the rain, it’s a matter of when. And with summer drawing to a close, rain is most definitely on the horizon. The very basics of a rain gear collection are a waterproof … Read More

Can you believe it’s already September again? It’s impossible to ignore the leaves on the ground and the way that the air smells in the morning, bringing nostalgia with it. For many people, it’s a return to structure and even if you’re not returning to school, it can be a more natural time to make “new year” resolutions! If you’re with us on this, and into making new goals in recognition of the back-to-school season, … Read More

Out here on the West Coast, stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) is a gigantically trendy leisure sport that is best enjoyed on calm, evening waters as the sun sets. Similarly to leisure kayaking or paddling about in a dinghy, it doesn’t seem like much bad could happen while you’re doing it. But even though it looks so easy (Have you seen the yoga moves people can do on their SUP boards?), it’s good to go in … Read More

  Recently, two friends and I decided to go camping just for a night! Living in Victoria, BC, we decided to visit Strathcona Provincial Park, a three-hour drive up the East side of Vancouver Island, then inland just a little. It was a quick and rather spontaneous trip. We were only going to be camping for one night, and we’d be hiking into the lake where we hoped to camp, so we wanted to pack … Read More

In our most recent blog post, we talked about preparing to be sanitary in the back-country — in order to preserve your health. Today, we want to share a little about the “sanitation” of your campsite—in order to keep your environment healthy! Below, we’ve listed a number of simple ways that you can show appreciation for the natural beauty you enjoy while camping. If you follow these guidelines and practice compassion in general, you’ll find … Read More

With the summer season coming all too quickly to an end, there’s time yet for a couple back-country adventures. Remember, September is still mostly a summer month! One of the perks of going camping this time of year, at least in southern parts of Canada, is that it’s very likely to be dry, warm weather. Chances are you won’t even need your rain gear! (Don’t let that likelihood stop you from being prepared, just in … Read More

August is one of the driest months of the year for most of Canada. In our previous blog post, we talked a little about wildfire stats and safety in British Columbia, because that’s where we at Total Prepare are located. But we realize that you may not be from our area, so we want to share (non-exhaustive) resource list for each of the Canadian provinces. Along with the Canadian government’s overarching website addressing emergencies nationally, … Read More

In British Columbia alone, more than 20 wildfires are currently burning. Did you know that you can stay in the know by checking out the federal government’s BC Wildfire Service website? If you have a look around their website, you can find helpful information on driving routes and conditions surrounding wildfires, as well as regularly updated information on the air quality index. If you’re on Twitter, you can also add @EmergencyInfoBC to get notified of … Read More

If you’re about to make emergency preparations, in case of an earthquake, tsunami, hurricane or whatever other disaster might be pending, you’re already on the right track, just by thinking about it and doing some reading and research. Kudos to you! Now to get serious. The top two components of emergency preparedness are water and food. (If you’re interested, the other six, in order, are heat, shelter, light, communication, first aid, and sanitation.) We’ve talked … Read More

Summer storms can crop up, unexpectedly, out of the bluest of skies, and lead to power outages. While a storm rages on, focusing on avoiding the immediate danger is, of course, the most important thing. But when the storm is over, sometimes the power remains out for the following few days or even a week. In the summer, you may not miss your heating as much, but it’s still important to be able to cook … Read More