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If you’re an avid camper, you’re not afraid of a little rain. In fact, if you’re from anywhere near Victoria BC, where Total Prepare is based, you have experienced for yourself why so many people call the West Coast the “wet coast.” It’s really no joke! Just as this nickname exists for a reason, so too do camping supplies that will get you through the wettest weather! When a disaster strikes and you find yourself … Read More

There are so many reasons to buy emergency supplies in the summer! The top reason —other than their life-saving qualities—-is camping! Emergency supplies and adventure supplies are often one and the same. So if you’re doing any camping while the weather is balmy, consider picking up some gear from our online shop! We have tents and we have water filters. We also have all kinds of flashlights, cookware, and more! Whether you’re camping for the first time … Read More

In the last post of the series, we’re here to talk about the dangers of fog and frost. For the most part, these weather conditions are only truly dangerous when you’re driving, so that’s what we’ll focus on today. When tiny water droplets are suspended in the air, right above the earth’s surface (fog), visibility can be drastically reduced. When this atmospheric moisture crystallizes directly on the ground and exposed objects and temperatures fall below … Read More

Both a high UV Index reading and a high Air Quality Health Index reading spell out health risk for us humans if we can’t find shelter. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause sunburn, with long-term exposure increasing the likelihood of skin aging faster than normal, eye cataracts, weakening of the immune system, and skin cancer. Meanwhile, air pollution (or low-quality air, reported as higher numbers on the Index) can affect people who are over … Read More

Humidity refers to the amount of water vapour in the air, and during the hottest days of summer, higher levels of humidity can pose some major health risks if you’re not careful. On humid days, people feel even hotter than they would on a dry day because their perspiration doesn’t evaporate as quickly in muggy, saturated air. The humidex—a parameter developed by Canadian meteorologists to combine temperature and humidity—reflects how hot it really feels… the … Read More

Do you know why hailstorms happen? Updrafts in thunderclouds will sometimes carry raindrops or snow pellets upwards to where it’s so cold that the raindrops freeze and combine into lumps of ice. Then, when they get too heavy to be supported by the wind any longer, they plummet to earth at speeds of sometimes more than 100km per hour! Rain and snow can be dangerous in large quantities, but hail can cause injury just from … Read More

Throughout most of Canada’s inland, southern regions, tornadoes are an all too common occurrence. For those of us who live outside of this tornado zone, this kind of weather can seem exotic—even exciting—something we only see in movies. But for people who live in the Prairies, or in southernmost Ontario or Quebec, they are very real. In fact, each year on average, approximately 43 tornadoes occur across the Prairies and 17 occur across Ontario and … Read More

Strong winds are a risk that accompany many types of weather. Sometimes, they play a role in big storms or low pressure systems and fronts, and sometimes they seem to solo as their own type of weather. If you’re regularly aware of the weather forecast in your area, you’ll be more prepared for windy days—whether it’s small gusts or big storms, so the first step is to listen into the daily or weekly forecast and … Read More

Whether it’s large-scale weather systems with long-term rainfall or short-lived thunderstorms with a sudden deluge, summer brings the risk of heavy rain and flooding. Just because it’s warm doesn’t mean it’s dry! In flatter regions such as the Canadian prairies, flooding is especially common. And since the prairies make up so much of our great country, we’ve provided a few tips for heavy rain safety, below: Monitor Environment Canada weather forecast and the provincial government’s … Read More

  Across Canada, temperamental summer weather keeps us all on our toes—sometimes promising sun and giving rain—or switching gears without giving us fair warning. Some of the most severe weather, though, happens when there is no change, and we get too much of one thing. Whether it’s high heat without rain —leading to drought, water shortage and wildfires— or wind shear and instability in the midst of a thunderstorm —leading to tornadoes— all weather conditions … Read More

For those of you who live in Victoria BC, where we have our showroom, you probably know just how popular hikes like the Juan de Fuca Trail and the West Coast Trail are! Especially during this milder time of year, people from all walks of life feel the urge to test their mettle and try walking along the wild, wet, west coast for a few days under the weight of a heavy backpack. For those … Read More

Planning a camping trip away from civilization is a smart way to practice your wilderness survival skills. When you do, why not challenge yourself by making the practice feel a little more like a real-life emergency? Here are just a few ideas to make your life a little tougher for a couple days, but for a good cause! Try building a fire without matches, newspaper or kindling from home. Find a good water source and … Read More

The news is good. The Fort Mac Fire is designated as no longer out of control. What a month this has been! Though we hope this is the worst of it, we are acutely aware that other communities across Canada could very well experience similar tragedies as Fort McMurray. How would we respond? After thousands of residents first started being evacuated from Fort McMurray, Canadians from Alberta and other provinces immediately stepped up to support … Read More

If you live by yourself, then getting your whole household on the same page is a simple task. However, if there are two or more of you, communication becomes an important factor in quality of life, and even safety, particularly if you have kids. When you’re living in a group setting, it isn’t enough for just one person in the household to be prepared for emergencies. Even if it’s one person who has done the … Read More

In the past, we’ve talked about getting our workplaces and our schools prepared for emergencies, along with our homes. And today we want to encourage you to spread the motivation further. You can use any kind of group or community to inspire people to get prepared. You could use your… College Reading club, writing club, meetup group, discussion group, etc. Sports team Fundraising group or non-profit society Church community Neighbourhood/Block Watch Group Care or Retirement … Read More

Last year, a number of gulf islands near our home base in Victoria ran out of water and had to get fresh water trucked in. And in many provinces across Canada affected by wildfire, water restrictions began as early as May and lasted through September. Whether you live in British Columbia or in any of our other beautiful provinces, it’s important to know what these water restrictions mean. If you live in BC, you might find … Read More