Light & Communication

Keep yourself from being in the dark, both literally and figuratively. The ability to transmit and receive communication is critical when faced in an emergency situation. These products are beneficial for any outdoor excursions as well as emergencies and everyday use.

From powering your devices with our multi-powered radios and lights, to having the ability to signal where you are, we highly recommend you have something in every kit to help you keep in touch and illuminated!

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36 Hour Survival Candle


Coghlan’s Lightsticks – 2-Pack Yellow


Survival Aid Whistle


Mini Dynamo Flashlight


Kaito Yellow Dynamo Flashlight/Radio


Kaito Solar/Crank AM/FM NOAA Weather Radio with Cell Charger


Help/OK Signs (Double-Sided) Single

Starting From: $1.75

Atlas 600 Hybrid Solar Camping Lantern


Hybrid Solar Flashlight/Charger


Kaito Voyager Pro


Basic Signal Whistle


Scorpion II Weather Radio Flashlight


Kaito Voyager Classic II


Squeeze Flashlight


Charlie’s Whistle

Starting From: $1.50