Welcome to Total Prepare

We are Canadian

Owned and operated from Victoria, British Columbia Total Prepare is in the most active earthquake zone in Canada. We are honoured to serve Canadians across the country, shipping from our home on the wet west coast all the way to the frozen north and east to the Atlantic Ocean.

Our Roots

In 2011 the quest to prepare against the uncertain future, to have hearty food, clean water, and practical supplies at hand in an emergency, drove Niels to found Total Prepare. Setting out to stock up on emergency supplies for his young family, Niels found there was “nothing readily available that was worth buying” in BC. Unsatisfied by short-lived food bars and dinky water storage options, Niels enlisted his business partner Ray and together they set out to give Canadians more choice.

Operating as a solely online business from a small Victoria based warehouse it was a two man show. They learned quickly that they were not alone in their hunt for quality preparedness supplies. As orders flowed, new team members were brought in and the business continued to grow, expanding its product lines to include items from all eight areas of preparedness, as well as options for schools and offices.

We welcome you to drop by our store at 48 Crease Avenue to browse our product offerings and talk preparedness!


Our dream is that family, friends, and communities become better prepared while enjoying the experience.

Total Prepare is here for the individual or family hoping to start or improve their preparedness, the corporation (big or small) looking to protect their greatest assets (employees of course!), and the schools that need a little extra insurance for their precious charges. No matter your need or knowledge, we want the opportunity to earn your business!


Exceptional Service. Seriously.

If asked, Ray is happy to recount the experiences that cemented the values of service that have shaped how Total Prepare does business. Drawing from a previous work experience of over 16 years of business to business calling to customers all over Canada, he quickly realized the incalculable value of direct contact with a real person.  Early on in Total Prepare’s growth, calls to vendors were met with voicemails, robots, and the cut-short silences of the dreaded ‘ignore call’ button.

As this frustration mounted, a light appeared at the end of the tunnel when someone, a real human someone, picked up the phone.

This was enough to convince him and reinforced his previous work experiences. When his customers would phone Total Prepare, they would speak to humans. When voicemail was necessary (darn weekends!) messages would be responded to promptly.

This philosophy is still held firm at Total Prepare, with prompt, friendly, professional service and guaranteed customer satisfaction taking priority above all else.


Emergency Preparedness can be overwhelming and that’s where our staff comes in. We’re here to answer all your questions, no matter how simple, complex, big, or small they may be. Total Prepare is happy to help individuals assess their needs and come up with a plan to prepare for their unique situation.

Total Prepare believes that the more people know about emergencies, the more prepared they’ll be. We write blog posts, share information on social media, and hold workshops (Victoria BC only) to spread as much knowledge as possible to our customers and the public.

If you have any questions, or if you would like direction in planning for emergencies, please don’t hesitate to write to us ([email protected]) or call us toll free (1-888-832-1733).

Quality & Integrity

Total Prepare thoroughly researches our products so you don’t have to. Staff test things regularly to ensure that products are things we would use and recommend to our own families. We taste the food, read the certifications, and even drink out of parking lot puddles, all so our customers can rest assured that they are getting only the best from Total Prepare.

If something does go awry (unusual) our service reps are with you every step of the way. Our support doesn’t end when the product ships, but is easy and convenient whenever you need it. We stand by our products 100%.

Total Prepare store interior