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Welcome to Total Prepare

We are proudly Canadian

Owned and operated in Victoria, British Columbia, Total Prepare is located in the most active earthquake zone in Canada. We are honoured to serve Canadians across the country, shipping from our home on the wet west coast all the way to the frozen north, and east to the Atlantic Ocean.


We want every individual, family, business, and community to be prepared, not scared.

We are here for individuals and families who want to start or improve their preparedness, for corporations large and small looking to protect their greatest assets (their employees, of course!), and the schools that need a little extra insurance for their precious charges.

No matter your need or knowledge, we want the opportunity to earn your business.

Contact us to find out how we can make a difference in your preparedness!


If asked, our owner Ray is happy to share the experiences that cemented our core values. After spending 16 years making business-to-business phone calls to customers all over Canada, he realized just how valuable it is to have direct contact with a real person.

Early on in Total Prepare’s growth, calls to vendors were met with voicemails, robots, and the cut-short silences of the dreaded ‘ignore call’ button.

As this frustration mounted, a light appeared at the end of the tunnel when an actual human being picked up the phone.

This was enough to convince him: When his customers phoned Total Prepare, they would speak to humans. When voicemail was necessary after-hours and on weekends, messages would be responded to promptly.

This philosophy is still held firm at Total Prepare. Prompt, friendly, professional service and guaranteed customer satisfaction take priority above all else.

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