First Aid & Disaster Response

First aid is a critical component of being prepared because accidents can happen anywhere at any time. Have your first aid supplies on hand wherever you are with various kits for work, home, travel, or the car. Be sure to include first aid supplies with your emergency kits too.

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Pediatric JumpSTART Victim Tag Set


6-Bay Triage Ribbon Dispenser


Adult START Victim Tag Set


Triage Training Tag – Standard (Pack of 50)


Triage Ribbon 4-Pack


Treatment Tarps – Set of 4, with Bag


Treatment Area Flags (Set of 4)


Tactical Triage Chest Pack Ribbon Dispenser


SRS™ SURGE Tabletop Training Kit for Hospitals


SRS Rapid Response Kit with Rolling Duffel

Starting From: $2,574.95

SRS™ 7 Position Go-Kit for Receivers/Hospitals


SALT All Risk® Wristband Triage Tag


Rolling Duffel Bag for DMS-05001, 05002, and 05350


Rapid Response Kit (includes Rolling Duffel & EMT3 components)

Starting From: $2,499.95

QuaranTag Quarantine/Isolation Monitoring System


Multi-Hazard Incident Command Worksheet Kit


MCI Ready + Vests Triage Training Kit

Starting From: $2,364.95

Mass Vaccination POD Kit for Small Towns

Starting From: $5,349.95

Blast Injury Victim Cards


Active Shooter Victim Cards


Impact Injuries Deck Series – Set of 3


Disposable N95 Respirator Mask – Made In Canada


Hand Sanitizer


ASTM Level 3 Disposable Medical Face Mask – Made in Canada