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New Water Storage Tank

We are pleased to announce we have a new water storage tank

These tanks are an incredible solution for both homes and organizations, giving schools, hospitals, and fire halls enough water for around 75 people for 72 hours (at 4 liters each), or around 150 people if only drinking water is provided (2 liters each).


  • Slim footprint: tanks fit through an average doorway, without sacrificing volume.
  • One-piece, seamless construction: increased durability and longevity.
  • Fittings included: high-quality brass hose fittings with shut-off valve included.
  • Food-grade standards: safe for potable water or other consumables.
  • 909L or 240 g: 2 months of water for a family of 4 (at 4 liters each, per day.)
  • Please don’t freeze: vented cap allows for some expansion and contraction in freezing temperatures, but freezing contents may cause ruptures.
  • Made in Canada 🍁

Protecting Your Home: The Vital Role of Water Storage Tanks

Water intrusion poses a significant threat to homes, often damaging foundations and exterior walls. In the face of flooding or plumbing issues, your home’s water supply system can be jeopardized. However, a viable solution exists in the form of water storage tanks, which act as a protective barrier between the water supply and the vulnerable exterior. In times of flooding, these tanks retain water, preventing it from infiltrating your home. Common culprits of water intrusion include faulty plumbing, roof and wall leaks, and failures in the water supply system.

Ensuring Safe Drinking Water

Perhaps the most crucial benefit of water storage tanks lies in safeguarding your home’s drinking water. Given water’s indispensability to life, protecting it becomes paramount. Water storage tanks provide layers of protection, ensuring that the water within remains clean and safe for consumption without the need for chemical additives. It is recommended to have 4 liters of water on hand, per person, each day, in case of an emergency. This includes water for drinking, cooking, and sanitation.  At Total Prepare, our 909 liter water tank is enough water to last a family of 4 people two months, if using 4 liters, per person, per day. Many people may find that 4 liter figure restrictive, especially if you need to clean dishes, wash children, or need water for first aid. Even with a 4 liter ration, the amount of stored water adds up fast.

Additional Benefits of Water Storage Tanks

Beyond emergency preparedness, water storage tanks offer a multitude of additional benefits. They enable you to fill up during regular times and serve as a reliable water source during power outages or when local water plants are incapacitated due to natural disasters. With a lifespan extending over decades, these tanks provide long-term assurance, sparing you the concern of imminent replacements.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, water storage tanks are indispensable assets that ensure your family’s access to clean water during emergencies while fortifying your property’s value in times of economic instability. Their multifaceted benefits make them an integral component of any comprehensive disaster preparedness plan. Investing in a water storage tank not only safeguards against potential water-related damages but also grants peace of mind in the face of unforeseen challenges.


Want to learn more?  Check out our water tank page.

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