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Contaminated Water Avoidance and Purification Water, water everywhere, there must be lots to drink! This is the attitude many Canadians take towards their emergency water preparations. We live in a country that is so abundant in fresh water that people learn to take it for granted. Fair enough, we do have a lot of it, but your neighborhood stream won’t be much help if the water in your taps runs dry. Contaminated water might even … Read More

Shelter in Place Many people hear the word ‘emergency’ and immediately assume evacuation, but according to first responders and emergency preparedness specialists evacuation is rarely the best route. Unless instructed to do otherwise, or there is obvious threat to your property (an incoming fire or tsunami for example) then stay home! It’s where all your good stuff is. Reception centers, roadways, and public meeting places are likely to be crowded with people who may be … Read More

Total Prepare is on the air! Alison Stewart, the manager of Total Prepare, gave an interview on CFAX radio about earthquake safety and supplies. Joining Alison on the air is Mike Ursel of Quake Safe to tell us all about securing our homes, businesses, and other buildings for a major seismic event. Click below to listen in!

The Backstory If you’ve been reading our blog lately, you’ll know that we dove a bit deeper into the aftermath situation of the January tsunami warning that was triggered all down Canada’s West coast by an early morning earthquake in Alaska. Specifically, in our last couple of posts, we’ve been talking about alert systems—where they’re useful and where they need to be improved. Because Total Prepare is a Canada-wide supplier of emergency gear, we decided … Read More

What Happened? In our previous blog post, we shared a breakdown on the January tsunami warning that occurred up and down the West Coast of British Columbia. Some communities were more prepared than others—but for every community, it was an important reminder to review the warning and communication systems in place and fill in the gaps that were brought to light by the experience. Resources Currently Available in the Canadian Prairies Across Alberta, Saskatchewan and … Read More

Total Prepare offers free emergency preparedness workshops at our Victoria, BC location. Our next workshop is Saturday, June 9th at 11AM. We will go over the essentials of emergency preparedness, highlight some products we offer, as well as offer food tastings. There are still a few seats left, so if you are needing a little help in getting started or even looking to add to your existing emergency preparedness supplies, email us to reserve your … Read More

As home to Canada’s capital city, the province of Ontario might be looked to by some as a community that should have its act together in the emergency preparedness sector. If you’ve read some of our most recent posts, you’ve read about AlertReady, Canada’s new nation wide public alerting system. Testing is starting this May! In Ontario and Quebec, residents will be receiving test alerts on May 7, with residents in most of the rest … Read More

What Happened? If you’re like some people across British Columbia’s west coast, on January 23rd, 2018, you woke up sometime much later than the haunting hours. After a quick morning scan of social media, you would have realized that you missed a life-threatening event while you slept! For others—especially those living in Tofino, Haida Gwaii, Port Alberni, and other communities along the Juan de Fuca Strait and Vancouver Island’s northern east and west coasts—the night … Read More

West coast residents spent an anxious night as a tsunami warning was issued following a 7.9 earthquake in the Gulf of Alaska.  Some areas were evacuated, other areas were on alert and after several anxious hours the tsunami watch was lifted, and everyone was able to breath a sign of relief! Some people had a plan and when the tsunami siren sounded, they were able to grab their evacuation kit and head to their designated … Read More

Running Summer Races During the summer time, many people look forward to local races in their communities. Here in Victoria, BC, Mountain Equipment Co-op puts on a number of summer races and relays. We also have the annual Woman2Warrior race in August and the The Goose Relay & Ultra in early September. Whether you’re preparing for a run, community race, a more competitive and record-breaking race or you’re simply going about your routine that includes … Read More

With the calamitous wildfires taking place in British Columbia, especially in the 100 Mile House, Ashcroft, and Cache Creek areas, it is more important than ever for Canadians to be prepared for evacuation. With longer, hotter summers making huge wildfires the new normal here are some things that you and your family can do to increase your wildfire preparedness. Talk to Your Loved Ones Communication is key when it comes to preparing for any emergency. … Read More

Food Foraging During the summer months, so many plants sprout forth delicious edibles! It can almost become overwhelming, when you think about it! From blackberries to figs, British Columbia summers are overflowing with wild, edible food. Here’s a list of ten of our favourites, with links to photos to help you identify them as edible, nutritional and SAFE to eat: Himalayan Blackberry (Rubus Armeniacus) Salmonberry (Rubus Spectabilis) Thimbleberry (Rubus Parviflorus) Common Fig (Ficus Carica) Red … Read More

Cycling Safely If you ride your bike as part of your regular commute, you’re already aware of the many dangers that can come along with it… If you’re riding your bike in the dark, consider your visibility so that people driving vehicles can see you. You can never have too many bike lights — sometimes flashing ones are the best call – and you can even wear a visibility vest to protect yourself further. If … Read More

Staying Safe as Play Time Heats Up As temperatures rise, it’s easy to forget about the risks and simply bask in the joy of waking up to sunny mornings and stepping outside without grabbing a jacket or close-toed shoes. But with the glorious times comes an element of danger as well. And it’s especially important to take precautions if you have kids. Why not create a summer safety kit? This way, you can plan ahead … Read More

Free Swimming One of the best feelings in the world is your first dip of the season, in the river, lake or ocean of your choice. The smell of the water, and the cool water washing away the grime and anxieties of your week—make for an experience that’s hard to compare to anything else! If someone told you that you could never swim in anything but a pool, for the rest of your life, you’d … Read More

Going Fishing If you’re an early riser even when you don’t have to be at work, fishing might be the summer activity for you! And if you don’t suffer from seasickness and find the rocking of a boat hypnotizing while you read or study the ripples on a lake’s surface, it might even be one of your new favourite activities! If you’re a newbie fisherman, you might want to consider these safety tips before embarking … Read More