Solutions for sanitation dilemmas are important (don’t be caught without a place to go!). Check out what products we have to make the inevitable more comfortable, and more sanitary.

Disease is a direct result of poor sanitary practices and can actually take an emergency from bad, to fatal. Protect yourself and others by bagging waste and storing it away from people and water sources and in a shady spot until your local municipality can deal with it properly.

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Cold and Flu Protection Kit


Eco Gel


Restop 2 Wilderness Waste Containment Pouch


Coghlan’s Toilet Tissue


Fold-to-Go Portable Toilet


Double Doodie with BioGel 6-Pack


Complete Toilet Set


Cabana Privacy Bathroom Tent


Double Doodie Waste Bags 6-Pack


Double Doodie PLUS 6-Pack


Toilet Sanitation Pack with Eco Gel