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Free Swimming One of the best feelings in the world is your first dip of the season, in the river, lake or ocean of your choice. The smell of the water, and the cool water washing away the grime and anxieties of your week—make for an experience that’s hard to compare to anything else! If someone told you that you could never swim in anything but a pool, for the rest of your life, you’d … Read More

Going Fishing If you’re an early riser even when you don’t have to be at work, fishing might be the summer activity for you! And if you don’t suffer from seasickness and find the rocking of a boat hypnotizing while you read or study the ripples on a lake’s surface, it might even be one of your new favourite activities! If you’re a newbie fisherman, you might want to consider these safety tips before embarking … Read More

Part 1, Ocean Kayaking On a hot summer day, there’s nothing more enticing than an evening on the water. If you’ve been ocean kayaking before, you know the magic of gliding over soft ocean swells during a quiet, colourful sunset. If you haven’t been ocean kayaking before, it’s worth trying out! Take some time to get to know the basic kayaking safety tips and the next time you find yourself craving an evening on the … Read More

Wow time flies! It has been over a year and half since the last time we were invited to guest blog for Total Prepare and what a busy time it’s been! Our business continues to grow by leaps and bounds. We have doubled in size since we last wrote here and expect to double again this year. This has been a very exciting time for us, but along with this success (and trust me: It … Read More

Did you know that you can buy yourself rescue insurance? If you’re someone who has tendencies toward adventure (and we mean that as a good thing!) you might want to consider padding your preparations with insurance. After all, the skilled Argentine climber Natalia Martinez did everything right to be adequately prepared for her venture up Mount Logan in Yukon, but still found herself in an unavoidably precarious position after a pair of earthquakes set of … Read More

Small businesses and start-ups are gaining more and more traction, especially here in Victoria where the tech industry is blossoming. And with people spending such large percentages of their time at work, it’s crucial for small businesses to have an emergency response plan. If you work for a start-up or you own a small business, you’ll want to consider the basic guideline we’ve outlined below, courtesy of How to develop an effective emergency response … Read More

If you live in our neighbourhood or anywhere on the southern end of Vancouver Island, you’re probably familiar with the city of Colwood. Did you know that they have been recommended as a Role Model City in the United Nations’ Making Cities Resilient campaign? A team from Royal Roads University Master of Arts in Disaster and Emergency Management evaluated the city’s preparedness for a large-scale emergency such as an earthquake, and they were impressed! Only … Read More

Do you like the expression “kill two birds with one stone,” but kind of wish it didn’t involve killing birds in the first place? I think you’re in good company. But hunting isn’t really the point of this blog post. It’s this exciting fact: you can get better prepared for emergencies AND reduce your carbon footprint at the same time! And today, we’re going to share a few tips on how to do just that… … Read More

Although the population of Victoria, BC reached 367,770 in the 2016 Canadian census, the Victoria hub still hangs onto that small-town feel. The downtown core is tight and fairly simple to navigate. And a lot of residents will tell you that they can drive anywhere they need to go in 10 minutes. We love that our Total Prepare showroom is in Victoria, because in friendly cities like ours, folks like to look out for each … Read More

Did you hear about the woman—Natalia Martinez—who found herself trapped on Mount Logan on Monday, May 1st after a 6.2 magnitude earthquake? Thankfully, she is an experienced climber and well-versed in the perils of the great outdoors, so after the initial quakes caused avalanches to occur nearby, she was able to maneuver herself to a safer location. Unfortunately, a storm hit the area shortly after, lasting for days. Because of that, combined with the fact … Read More

Do you enjoy grabbing your backpack full of camping supplies and heading for the hills? If you’re an avid camper or outdoors-person, you probably have a whole bunch of survival supplies that could be used in an emergency. That is awesome because you’re already a few steps ahead of those who choose a hotel or resort every time. At the same time, if you can fit all of your survival supplies into your weekend backpack, … Read More

As it is every year, Emergency Preparedness Week will be recognized across Canada from May 7 to May 13. This year, the theme is plan, prepare and be aware! You can be aware, prepare and plan by keeping up to date on the current conditions in your area, such as the weather. Another part of being aware is spreading the word! If we each consider it our personal responsibility to share our knowledge with others, … Read More

Recently, we saw a comment on one of our social media pages that read, “Just go bum stuff off my mom in Metchosin… She’s got everyone covered!” Now, while we wouldn’t want to encourage you to ditch your own emergency preparations or rely on someone else to have your back if a disaster should strike, this does bring up an important reminder. It’s important to be aware of our surroundings, our community, and the resources … Read More

When faced with a disaster, you might imagine that your plan of action should be to immediately get away from physical danger as soon as possible… and you wouldn’t be wrong. But today, we want to talk a little about physical danger that might not be visible at first: specifically, the stress that emergencies and disaster can cause you. Life can be overwhelming even in the day-to-day so can you imagine how your body might … Read More

Since it is officially spring time in Canada, it’s about time for the snow to take a hint and take a hike—am I right? But seriously, with so much snow melting in the coming weeks, it’s an opportune time for you to remind yourself of how best to deal with flooding. Did you know that flooding has been Canada’s most expensive hazard to date in terms of property damage? It’s impossible to completely flood-proof your … Read More

It’s easy to say that getting prepared for an emergency is important, but what about when you simply don’t have the funds to make it happen—at least not today? “On a budget” is always going to be a buzzword—and for good reason! With products and accessibility increasing daily, it’s up to each one of us, individually, to create our own priorities. For myself, I imagined that I’d just survived a sizeable earthquake in Victoria, British … Read More