Freeze Dried Food

Looking for freeze-dried food for your emergency supply or camping trip? We’ve got you covered with premium, budget-friendly options! You’ll want food with a long-term shelf life and many of the products we carry last up to 25 years! We’ve partnered with industry-leading food producers—including Legacy Premium and Augason Farms —to bring you only the best of the best.

Legacy Premium has the largest serving size, is all non-GMO, has the lowest cost per pound and the greatest variety of meal options. It has also been voted best tasting!

Whether you’re preparing for a grab-and-go or shelter-in-place emergency, you’ll want food that has a long shelf life and is bursting with flavour and nutrition. You might also want gluten-free options (Legacy Premium) and food that’s friendly toward other dietary restrictions.

Below you’ll find food that has all these great qualities and more. So take a moment to look through our online store and find delicious freeze-dried meats, fruits and veggies, full entrées and breakfast foods, and more!

*Please note that Imperial (CDN) cups are larger than US cups and adjust accordingly when boiling water for your delicious freeze dried food.*

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Freeze Dried Diced Chicken

Starting From: $22.95

Freeze-Dried Diced Beef

Starting From: $24.95

120 Serving Entree Bucket


307 Serving 30 Day Emergency Food Supply


120 Serving Combo Bucket


32 Serving Emergency Food Bucket


183 Serving MEGA Sample Pack


Freeze-Dried Beef Crumbles


Freeze-Dried Sausage Crumbles


6 Month Meat Kit


Premium 360 Serving Package


Augason Deluxe Emergency 30 Day Food Supply (1 Person)


More Meat! Protein Pack


120 Serving Gluten Free Entree Bucket


Freeze Dried Fruit & Vegetable Variety Pack


60 Serving Gluten Free Entree Bucket


60 Serving Combo Bucket


60 Serving Entree Bucket


16 Serving Entree Sample Pack


Freeze Dried Vegetable Variety Pack


Shepherd’s Pie with Beef Pouch by Backpacker’s Pantry


Freeze Dried Fruit Variety Pack


Freeze Dried Apple Slices Single


120 Serving Breakfast Bucket