Food Storage Accessories

Preparing and storing your own food is a cost-effective way to build your emergency food supply. The following products will help you get the job of preserving your food done right.

If you’re new to food storage check out our how-to guide on using Mylar Bags and Oxygen Absorbers.

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Mylar Bag – 1 Gallon


Mylar Bag – 1 Gallon Zip Seal


Mylar Bag – 5 Gallon Zip Seal


Mylar Bag – Half Gallon Zip Seal


300cc Oxygen Absorbers 10 Pack

Starting From: $11.95

Gamma Seal Lid


Mylar Bag – 5 Gallon


200cc Oxygen Absorbers – 50-Pack


1000cc Oxygen Absorbers – 20-Pack


Airscape Bucket Lid Single