Legacy Premium Food Storage

With the Largest Serving Size in the industry, there is no other company that matches Legacy Premium’s 1.5 – 2 cup serving size. Packages may look the same by number of servings, but serving sizes vary between companies. Larger servings means more calories, satisfied appetites and one of the best values for your investment.

Gluten Free Options & Non-GMOVoted Best Tasting – 4 amazing breakfasts and 12 fantastic entrees (6 GF) giving you a great variety.

Legacy Premium Food Storage has the lowest cost per pound in the industry! It boasts a 25 year shelf life and tastes great too. Try a sample pack, or buy a pallet – we have it all! You can learn more about Legacy Premium Food Storage and their amazing products here.

All of our Legacy Premium meals are vegetarian, non-GMO, and have no added MSG. Legacy uses only the highest quality ingredients to ensure you get the best nutrition available when you need it most. Gluten free packages are available too!

Legacy meals are a staple of our staff’s camping gear and we can vouch for its great taste!

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Lowest cost Per 2,000 Calories

*all Legacy Food is non-taxable and orders over $175 ship for free!
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16 Serving Legacy Sample Pack


120 Serving Breakfast Bucket


120 Serving Combo Bucket – 31 lbs


120 Serving Entree Bucket – 29 lbs


120 Serving Gluten Free Entree Bucket


32 Serving Emergency Food Bucket


60 Serving Combo Bucket


60 Serving Entree Bucket


60 Serving Gluten Free Entree Bucket


183 Serving MEGA Sample Pack


240 Serving Gluten Free Entree Package


Premium 240 Serving Package – 62 lbs


360 Serving Gluten Free Entree Package


Premium 360 Serving Package – 94 lbs


Premium 720 Serving Package – 188 lbs


Premium 1080 Serving Package – 282 lbs


Premium 1440 Serving Package – 376 lbs


Premium 2160 Serving Package – 564 lbs


Premium 2880 Serving Package – 752 lbs


Premium 4320 Serving Package – 1128 lbs