Meals Ready to Eat - MREs

XMRE’s!  The Gold standard in MREs.

Meals Ready to Eat – MREs – were initially created to feed soldiers in the field and on the move. They are fully-cooked kits of great tasting and hearty meals. Meals Ready to Eat – are good for immediate food consumption. When an emergency happens you often have little or no cooking abilities. Meals Ready to Eat are complete meals and have a 5 year shelf life. They come with a flameless ration meal heater that only takes a few ounces of water to activate.  You have a hot meal in minutes.  Menus have 7 different meals and the case has 1/3 breakfast and 2/3 lunch and dinner. Great for hunting, camping, emergency response, in disaster zones and for corporate command centres.

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XMRE Meals Ready to Eat (MREs)

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