• PreventingandEscapingWildfires

    How to Protect your Home against a Forest Fire

    If you’re experiencing a long, hot and dry summer in your area and keep hearing of forest fires close enough to cause concern, it’s a …
  • PreventingandEscapingWildfires

    Preparing to Evacuate

    As wildfires continue to race through forests in too many of our Canadian provinces, there’s no better time to talk about what to do in …
  • PreventingandEscapingWildfires

    Preventing and Escaping Wildfires

    When it comes to wildfires, there’s more to think about than simply preparing for the possibility of evacuation. Getting prepared— …

Emergency Preparedness Canada

We are committed to promoting emergency disaster preparedness across Canada. We specialize in emergency supplies including 72 hour, 1 week to 1 month emergency survival kits, emergency survival food, and cooking supplies, food storage and emergency water storage containers.

We provide you and your family a complete line of disaster preparedness products with an emphasis on quality, innovation and competitive pricing.

We want to help our family, friends and our communities to become better prepared. On top of our priority list is customer satisfaction and we will work tirelessly to ensure our products and services meet your expectations. Fortune favours the prepared.