I was tasked with replenishing all the emergency packs for our two offices and the one item I needed for one kit was a whistle. Unless I purchased a whole new kit, I could not find the individual whistle anywhere…except Total Prepare. Along with a few other items and a good price, TotalPrepare.ca met all my expectations. The order was very easy to place online, the office staff were great when I called regarding pick-up arrangements and the order was ready almost instantly. I am a fan!

Total Prepare helped us outfit all our offices locations with Emergency Earthquake Kits. We were pleased with the quality and value of the kits that we received.

Total Prepare lived up to all my expectations. The products that are offered are of excellent quality, I have placed numerous orders from total prepare and I was 100% satisfied with everything from the products to the price right down to the staff and the delivery of my order, I do a lot of travelling and they were very helpful in making sure that my order arrived in a timely manner…..Thanks Total Prepare for the excellent products and service….. -Regards Craig

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