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Deluxe Dog Emergency Kit


The Deluxe Dog Survival Kit is designed with your favourite family member in mind (sorry kids). It has items for your furry friend’s physical needs, as well as toys, clean up supplies, and items to help you keep tabs on Fido.

This kit is designed with a small dog in mind, but many of the items will work for larger pups too.

Contents may vary from picture – please see contents list below.

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This kit has everything you need to bug out with your pet in one easy and convenient carrying case. Optionally, a pet carrier for small animals case can be added on, equipped with plenty of ventilation and optional top or front opening.

A leash, collar, 5mm braided rope, and tie out stake are also included for keeping your pet secure and close by in unfamiliar surroundings. For comfort and harsh climates both a soft and a reflective blanket are included in the kit.

A flying disk and rope toy are also included to help your dog burn off excess energy. Toys can help to calm some dogs too, giving a sense of happiness and normalcy in chaos.

The water included in the kit has a 5 year shelf life and is packaged in hardy mylar bags. The collapsible dog bowl allows for easy feeding and packs down for convenient storage.


Food & Water

2x Folding Food Dish
6x 125mL Water Pouches


1x Puppy Pad
15x Dog Waste Bag


1x Light Stick
1x Signal Whistle
1x Emergency Reflective Blanket
1x Dog Collar
1x Dog Leash
1x Dog Stake
1x Black 5mm x 50’ Nylon Braided Rope


1x Dog Flying Toy
1x Dog Rope Toy
1x Dog Blanket
Optional add-on: Small dog carrying case.


*Add your dog’s regular food to the kit. Cans tend to last 2 years, while dry food lasts 1. You can extend the life of dry food to approximately 5 years with properly sealed mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. To learn about storing your own dried goods check out this how to!

Additional information
Shelf Life

1-5 Years

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