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Super Tankers

The Original & Best In-Home Water Storage Container since 1998. 275 Days of Water Storage

Engineered with seamless construction to safely handle up to 2750 lbs. of water for long term storage in a gravity fed system. FDA and HPB approved food-grade polyethylene shaped in a slim design to fit through any doorway in your home.

Available in 275 gal. (24″x40″x80″) or 135 gal. (24″x40″x44″) sizes, the unique design minimizes valuable floor space and maximizes essential water storage volume in a vertical cylinder.

Don’t try to move it when it’s full—pick your location thoughtfully. This tank will provide plenty of water for drinking, food preparation and clean up. In emergencies it dispenses water fast and from two locations including dispensing from a hose to further away locations. Water can be kept fresh for 5 years eliminating the hassle of regular water replacement. We use Water Treatment Kits to obtain this longevity.
Truly this is the best solution for adequate water supply. There may be enough for a bath too.

The Super Tanker is great for home use, but did you know that over a hundred schools have these for their emergency water supply? If you’re a member of a PAC, reach out to us for a quote today!

H2O ResQ Copper Silver Ion Water Storage Treatment Drops

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