Aerobic Oxygen

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This is a remarkable product. Fill any potable water container with clean water, add the recommended amount of Aerobic Oxygen and your water stays safe to drink for 5 years. It’s just that easy! We at Total Prepare even add this product to our drinking water for a great energy boost.


Available in two sizes – 2oz bottle and 8oz bottle



Keeps potable water uncontaminated for 5+ years

Dilution Rates for Treating Water for Long Term Storage

1 US Gallon/4 Litres – 20 drops
5 US Gallons/20 Litres – 100 drops or 1 full teaspoon
55 US Gallons/208 Litres – 2oz (1 x 2oz bottle)
135 US Gallons/511 Litres – 5oz (2.5 x 2oz bottles)
275 US Gallons/1040 Litres – 10oz (1 x 8oz + 1 x 2oz bottle)

For Super Tankers

3 x 2oz bottles for 135 Gallon Super Tanker
1 x 8oz bottle and 1 x 2oz bottle for 275 gallon Super Tanker

Uses for Aerobic Oxygen

Water Purification
In over 20 years, we have yet to find an infectious anaerobic bacteria that it will not kill in a matter of minutes. For this, many users keep it as an excellent, dependable tool for camping, hiking, travelling, or emergency kits to treat unknown water before it is consumed.

Water Storage
Potable water properly stored with the addition of Aerobic Oxygen can keep uncontaminated for 5-10 years. Future contamination is also prevented, keeping your water crystal clean.

Prevention & Regeneration
Aerobic Oxygen gives your body what it needs to heal itself – Oxygen. Safe for everyone, non-toxic, and has no side-effects.

Vegetables & Fruit
Soaking your fruit and vegetables in water containing a few drops of Aerobic Oxygen will kill bacteria and prevent future contamination.

Mouthwash & Toothpaste
Add 10 drops to 2oz of water and gargle for 60 seconds to kill bad breath and bacteria. Also, adding a few drops directly to your toothbrush will help to control tooth and gum decay and bacteria, and will also kill bacteria on the toothbrush.

Effective against
Salmonella, Cholera, Ecoli, Streptococcus, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus A, Giardia-Lamblia.

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1 review for Aerobic Oxygen

  1. 5 out of 5

    Used the product for my 125 super tanker and with some research found it is used as treatment for prostate cancer so I have added it to my daily homeopath med regiment. Taste /odourless. I have added the product to my portable water storage as well. Should be good now till 2020. I have a bottle on hand for just incase.

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Aerobic Oxygen

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