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Store water, dried foods, supplies, and more with the 3.5 gallon stackable WaterBrick! One WaterBrick is approximately 3 days (72 hours) of water for an individual, and weighs about 30 pounds when filled. An ergonomic handle enables easy carrying, and the built in holes allow the bricks to be tied down or otherwise secured. The thick BPA-free plastic is extremely durable and bear-tested for toughness. WaterBricks are available as a single brick, a 6 pack or a 12 pack.

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Durable and long lasting, the WaterBrick is a 3.5 gallon multi-use, food safe container that is ideal for your storage needs. WaterBricks stack and lock together, making them perfect for vertical storage space without the need for an unwieldy water barrel or tanker. These containers are perfect for water, dried foods, and supplies. The detachable handle is ergonomically designed for easy carrying, and the holes through each brick allow them to be tied down or staked for secure transport or storage.

One WaterBrick is approximately 3 days (72 hours) of water for an individual, and weighs about 30 pounds when filled.

Product Specifications for each WaterBrick

  • Size:  9″ W x 18″ L x 6″ H (shaped like rectangular blocks)
  • Product Weight when Empty:  2.52 pounds
  • Stacking Strength:  due to 2 interior conical reinforcement columns
  • Interlocking Strength:  they interlock using their male and female connectors (cross stack for safety)
  • Wide Lid Opening is 3 1/4” in diameter – can fit average adult hand to reach inside
  • Full rubber gasket creating a tight seal is included inside the lid
  • Recommended Stacking Height:  4 feet
  • Average wall thickness of container is approximately 3/32 of an inch (.090)
  • Meets FDA standards and BPA free



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12 Pack, Single, 6 Pack


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1 review for WaterBrick 3.5 Gallon – Blue

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mark W (verified owner)

    I literally used these the first day I had them. Not for an emergency, but to transport water to a public event.
    The handles (shipped inside) are easy to attach and seem sturdy.
    The wide mouth is easy to fill in the tub, but the Brick wouldn’t fit easily in most sinks.
    The handle position slightly interferes with getting a good grip on the lid, but it’s not a big issue (worst case you take the handle off, which would take 5 seconds).
    When full, they stayed stacked well in the trunk of my car for a short drive.
    I only had to carry the full bricks about 300m. The handles were comfortable and worked well, but I wouldn’t have wanted to carry them too much farther (they are light enough to carry, but not ‘light’). Having one in each hand for balance was great.
    Only real complaint is that it’s a bit hard to get the last bit of liquid out of the Brick because of the shape. If you stored anything other than water in there it would be slightly inconvenient to get clean again.

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WaterBrick 3.5 Gallon - Blue

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