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Water Storage Tank 909 L (240 g)


Made in Canada 🍁

This large Water Storage Tank, made of rugged impact-resistant polyethylene, offers exceptional resistance against corrosion and chemicals. Its seamless, one-piece construction and top-quality hardware make this water tank perfect for emergency water storage. This food-grade tank is also ideal for storing other liquids like fertilizers, agricultural chemicals, and plant foods. Its semi-transparent design allows for easy level indication and the tank comes complete with a vented cap.

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  • Slim footprint: tanks fit through an average doorway, without sacrificing volume.
  • One-piece, seamless construction: increased durability and longevity.
  • Fittings included: high-quality brass hose fittings with shut-off valve included.
  • Food-grade standards: safe for potable water or other consumables.
  • 909L or 240 g: 2 months of water for a family of 4 (at 4 liters each, per day.)
  • Please don’t freeze: vented cap allows for some expansion and contraction in freezing temperatures, but freezing contents may cause ruptures.
  • Made in Canada 🍁

*To preserve stored water for 5 years, these tanks come with H2O ResQ water treatment droplets. A potable water hose is also included so you can fill your tank safely.

Crafted from resilient, impact-resistant polyethylene, this water storage tank is a reliable solution for diverse liquid storage needs. Its exceptional resistance against corrosion and chemicals makes it a robust choice for storing water, fertilizer solutions, agricultural chemicals, liquid feeds, and various food products.

Designed with durability in mind, the tank boasts one-piece seamless construction, ensuring structural integrity and longevity. Equipped with a vented lid and outlet fitting as standard features, it offers ease of use and practicality. The semi-transparent nature of the tank facilitates convenient level indication, allowing users to monitor contents effortlessly.

Meeting food-grade standards and government approvals, this tank is a safe and secure option for storing potable water and other liquid consumables. Its compliance with NSF 61 standards for potable water storage reinforces its credibility for maintaining water quality.

With dimensions measuring 35″ L x 27 1/2″ W x 78″ H and a capacity of 200 Imp. Gal. (909 Litres or 240 US gallons), this tank offers ample storage space while maintaining a manageable footprint. Its versatility and robust design cater to various industries, making it an ideal choice for agricultural, commercial, or residential applications seeking dependable water storage solutions.

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Brass fittings for large water storage tanks

Brass fittings for large water storage tanks

Why is a Water Tank a great option for emergency preparedness?

It is recommended to have 4 liters of water on hand, per person, each day, in case of an emergency. This includes water for drinking, cooking, and sanitation. This 909 liter water tank is enough water to last a family of 4 people two months, if using 4 liters, per person, per day. Many people may find that 4 liter figure restrictive, especially if you need to clean dishes, wash children, or need water for first aid. Even with a 4 liter ration, the amount of stored water adds up fast.

With these large water tanks, however, you can rest easy knowing you have plenty of clean water stored away for emergency preparedness. They are an incredible solution for organizations too, giving schools, hospitals, and fire halls enough water for around 75 people for 72 hours (at 4 liters each), or around 150 people if only drinking water is provided (2 liters each).

Not sure how much water you need? Reach out to our team for answers to all your questions: hello@totalprepare.ca or 1-778-265-5331.


Additional information
Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 27.5 × 78 in
Made in Canada Made in Canada

Made in Canada

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