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SimTac City Training Kit

Your key to effective, real-world training.

Say goodbye to whiteboards and sketchpads; with SimTac City®, your team can now train in Unified Command Response Tactics using a combination of tabletop components and the SimTac City® App. This innovative solution offers an interactive and immersive training experience, allowing command and response elements to practice and learn tactics side-by-side in real time. Ideal for Fire/EMS Agencies, Law Enforcement, Healthcare Facilities, Emergency Operation Centers, School Campuses, and more. Additional training features are available through Add-On Sets.

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Unified Command

SimTac City® expands your training’s effectiveness by allowing multiple personnel components, including, but not limited to: Command, Medical, Admin., and Tactical personnel to work together as they simultaneously respond to the incident. This greatly enhances real- world interoperability as all personnel involved have the opportunity to observe each other’s challenges, needs, and responsibilities in real-time.

Command and Control

The ‘bird’s-eye’ city command map allows Incident Commanders to drive the response and allocate resources to mitigate the incident. Poker Chip Markers are placed to indicate the position of resources on the Command Map. A total of 35 command chip markers are provided, representing a wide variety of ICS positions.

SimTac City® Web-Based App

Go digital and take your training to the next level with the SimTac City® App*

  • Load in your own custom command maps to train in your area of operations.
  • Use in pre-drill and post-drill briefings to optimize performance.
  • Recreate real-world events to improve response tactics.
  • Save your training sessions for reference or distributable After Action Reviews.
  • Fulfills all AB-1598 and NFPA 3000 TableTop Training Requirements

Kit Contents:
• Oversized Vinyl Map: Command 66.5″ x 40″
• Optional Custom Map with Aerial View of Your Location*
• SimTac City® Digital App (Online & Mobile)
• Introduction & Lesson Plan Binder
• 4 Pack Wet Erase Markers
• Map Storage Tube
• 35 Poker Chip Markers

Poker Chip Markers Included:

White Chip Markers:
Unified Command (1)
Incident Commander (3)
Safety Officer (1)
PIO (1)
Liaison Officer (1)
Blank (1)

Blue Chip Markers:
Planning Section Chief (1)
Documentation Unit (1)
Situation Unit (1)
Demobilization Unit (1)
Resources Unit (1)
Blank (1)

Red Chip Markers:
Operations Section Chief (1)
Operation Groups (1)
Operation Branches (1)
Operation Divisions (1)
Blank (1)

Yellow Chip Markers:
Logistics Section Chief (1)
Medical Unit (1)
Food Unit (1)
Support Branch (1)
Community Unit (1)
Supply Unit (1)
Service Branch (1)
Ground Support Unit (1)
Facilities Unit (1)
Blank (1)

Green Chip Markers:
Finance/Admin Section Chief (1)
Cost Unit (1)
Compensation Claims Unit (1)
Time Unit (1)
Procurement Unit (1)
Blank (1)

*If ordering the custom map, a digital proof will be provided before going into production. Additional fee applies.
*Custom Map Dimensions: 66.5″ x 40″

Available add-on sets: Tactical, Hospital, and Campus.

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