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Essential First Aid Kit


Compact, visible, and packed with all your first aid essentials. In this kit you’ll find a variety of first aid supplies for everyday scrapes and minor emergencies. The tough nylon bag comes with two loops so they can be affixed to any belt for convenient access.

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One of the most important items you can add to your Go Bag is a good First Aid Kit! This kit packs the essentials into one portable unit.

This handy and compact Essential First Aid Kit contains everything from bandages to butterfly closures and more. The perfect size for camping, home use or emergencies- store this kit in your car, emergency kit, or anywhere you may want to have first aid supplies handy. The durable nylon bag is bright and clearly labelled, making it easy to find in an emergency.

Unlike many first aid kits in its class- this Essential First Aid Kit contains more than simply bandages and cotton swabs! Gauze, butterfly closures, combine pads, and CPR barriers are some of the items that set this kit apart and make it robust for different emergencies. This kit is well stocked, meaning that you can act quickly and treat injuries and prevent infections.

This kit has two loops affixed allowing for attachment to any belt or bag strap, for convenient access. There is also a clear plastic pocket on the front of this kit, perfect for including a list of emergency numbers with your kit. These phone numbers should include an out of town contact, as well as contact information for your health provider, local emergency services, and the poison help line. There is a small amount of additional room in the kit to add small extras in.

Looking for the next step up? Check out the WorkSafeBC Basic First Aid Kit today!


    • 6              Antiseptic BZK Towelettes
    • 50           Assorted Sterile Adhesive Bandages
    • 1              Bandage Scissors
    • 1              Stainless Steel Forceps
    • 1              CPR Barrier with one-way valve
    • 1              0.5” Medical Tape
    • 3             3″ x 3″ Sterile Gauze Dressing
    • 3             4″ x 4″ Sterile Gauze Dressing
    • 1              8″ x 10″ Sterile Abdominal Pad
    • 1              2” Conform Gauze Bandage Roll
    • 1              3″ Conform Gauze Bandage Roll
    • 1              Instant Cold Pack
    • 5             Sterile Butterfly Closures
    • 1             Personal First Aid Bag

If you have any prescription medicines, consider adding three days’ worth to your Essential First Aid Kit. Additionally, you may choose to add some basic medications such as aspirin.

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