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Friday Roundup – Communication, zombies and insurance

Moving into the month of June, activity seems to be increasing with emergency preparedness around North America.  Is it due to economic unrest in Europe or the continued wild weather?  This weeks roundup includes an article on mobile communications and earthquakes, the CDC denying the existence of Zombies and the Insurance industries take on disaster preparation.

First up is the headline, Mobile communications and earthquakes: a very “disturbing” marriage.  My first thought is: what??  Mobile communications would be the ideal marriage from first glance.   The author,  Armand Vervaeck from Earthquake-Report.com a website that follows and has reported on every major earthquake over the last 12 months, has concluded that communication problems are one of the recurring problems that exist.   Armand explains the major problem is mobile connectivity after a quake and lists the 3 main results from this.  He goes on to layout an effective way that the authorities and Networks can manage behaviour after an earthquake.  Very interesting reading and solutions that CAN work. (This article is no longer hosted online, however a similar study may be found here.)

We move on to the Zombie news item that left me a little perplexed.  The article is called “CDC Denies Existence of Zombies Despite Cannibal Incidents”.  I was really unsure if this was tongue in cheek or not.  If it was, it was more than a little “zombie” off colour.   These were actual events that happened with very disturbed people.  Regardless, the CDC has continued the theme with their Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse.  Have fun ya’ll.

Finishing the week we have a look at how the Insurance industry is weighing in on emergency preparedness.  The good folks over at InsuranceNews.net bring us the following headline:  “Insurance is Key to Disaster Preparation”.   This was issued by the Texas Department of Insurance at the beginning of the official Hurricane season.  They make some great tips and observations from creating a home inventory to checking your policy.  They have even created an app called the myHOME Scr.APP.book.  It can be downloaded via iTunes.  Just search “NAIC”.





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