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Blue Can Water – 1L

Say hello to the new Big Blue! From Blue Can Water comes a new design of their essential emergency preparedness product. Each can holds a liter (32oz.) of clean, potable water; each case contains 9 cans.

Blue Can water has a 50 year shelf life making it perfect for all your long-term emergency kit needs. Compared to the more common water pouches, which only last five years, Blue Can water is easier to store and can save you thousands of dollars over its lifetime! On top of that, Blue Can’s twelve-step filtration process keeps your water pure, ensuring a fresh taste that you just can’t get from plastic bottles – even after dozens of years. Prepping for a business? The Big Blue Can comes in pallet of 100 cases (900 cans total).

Call or email us to inquire about our full pallet options.

*Note: Blue Can Water ships under a flat rate shipping charge calculated in the Cart page or at Checkout. Pallet Pricing incurs additional shipping charges.  We will contact you or you can email to get a heads up on the cost. 

Starting From: $41.95

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