40-60 Person Emergency Cabinet Kits

These 40-60 Person 72 hour Emergency Cabinet Kits are elegant and robust, turnkey solutions for organizations looking to get prepared. The cabinets are constructed from heavy duty 14 gauge steel and are squat to minimize tipping and damage in an emergency. These kits include two cabinets for organization, allowing supplies to be distributed at different points throughout the workplace or office easily, avoiding crowding.

For assembled or customized kits please speak with our professional team at hello@totalprepare.ca or 1-888-832-1733.

*Some locations are exempt from free shipping on this product. If you’d like to ensure that you are eligible, or if you’d like a shipping quote, please contact our team at the above number/email. Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping.

Starting From: $3,989.95

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