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Why Prepare?

There are many why’s as to why prepare for the challenges every life goes through – to survive, to overcome, to reduce fear and anxiety. The reasons are as varied as the people who do prepare. Ultimately there is really only one reason to prepare: love.

You set up home and life insurance, not because you fear being homeless or dying. That insurance can not stop these things from happening. You prepared by getting insurance out of love. Love for the family you have or might have one day. Love of yourself as a person and a desire to take care of yourself.

So, if you love someone, anyone, go beyond just having financial insurance. There is often a huge delay between the incident and getting the money you need to recover. Often it can be days, weeks, even months. Is that how long you want your loved ones to wait? To be without the lifestyle that you want for them?

Not me. I don’t want that for my family, or yours.

Just like buying insurance, getting prepared for your family takes the simplest of steps. You can start today with little things. Buy an extra couple cans of soup. Get an extra 5 gallon bottle of water for your water cooler. Pick up a first aid kit for the car.

These things cost only a couple dollars or so to do. Spread it out over a year and next thing you know you have a pantry like grandma’s and maybe even a generator. Then all of a sudden you start doing things like growing some herbs along with the annuals and having the kids help and getting their hands dirty. Why? Because you love them.

You want them to have the kind of life skills you have so they can take care of themselves when you’re not there. Isn’t that why we send them to school as well? To get them ready to take care of themselves? Next thing you know, you’re doing preparedness things just for family fun. Maybe you’re going fishing and camping. Maybe you’re building small pieces of wooden furniture and showing the kids how to use the tools. These are the best moments of your life, aren’t they?

Do the best moments of your life come from fear? Do they come from anxiety? No. You know they come from love. That’s why you should prepare.


Written by: Guy McDowell



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