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We do Workshops!


Sometimes it can be overwhelming to take on the task of emergency preparedness. Total Prepare wants to alleviate as much of that uncertainty and stress as we can! If we can make your personal or corporate preparedness simple, straight forward, and efficient, we’ve done our jobs perfectly.

If you’re in Victoria or Vancouver BC, we have additional in-person services that you can take advantage of. As of March 2019 we’re offering educational workshops! These presentations are about 45 minutes long, and we suggest leaving 15 minutes to handle questions afterwards. We cover the risks in the local area, focusing on earthquakes, tsunami, and fire. During the presentation participants learn what to expect during these emergencies, as well as best practices for surviving them safely. We also discuss the different kinds of emergency kits, the eight areas of preparedness, and what major seismic events have done to our region in the past.

Education is a massive part of preparing for any major life event, including disasters. The more you know about what to expect, and how to deal with it, the better off you will be. Stay informed and spread what you learn to others. Our workshops are run by our very own Zenia Platten (me!) who has been working enthusiastically in the emergency preparedness industry since 2015. Preparedness is near and dear to her heart and she is excited to share what she knows with you and your team.

The workshop does include a powerpoint, so having a projector/screen on location is preferred. Don’t have one? No problem! Let us know and we’ll bring our own along. If  you are interested in participating in or hosting a preparedness workshop you can check out our page on them here, or contact us directly at 1-888-832-1733 or hello@totalprepare.ca. Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing from you!

This article was written by Zenia Platten – Writer and emergency preparedness professional.

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