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Useful Accessories to Complete Your Emergency Supplies

Now that you have all the essential emergency supplies to get you through the next storm or other disaster situation, stored safely, it’s time to start thinking about those ‘extras’ that will complement those core items that you already have. Most of us know that it is important to periodically check the expiration date on food items in our cache of supplies but we often don’t think of water as having an expiry date – but of course it does!

If you’ve purchased a large super tanker as your main emergency water storage container, it is a good idea to fill some smaller water containers that can be easily carried to other rooms or locations when needed. Non-potable water hoses such as most people have for watering their gardens is never recommended to be used for water that one intends to drink or wash with. These garden hoses are often manufactured from recycled plastic and rubber and can contaminate your potable water supply.  Even when using a potable water hose, it is recommended that you flush the hose completely with clean/fresh potable water prior to filling any smaller water containers.

To extend the safety and ‘drinkability’ of your water supply a bottle of Aerobic Oxygen is a smart item to have on hand. Simply follow the instructions on how much of the product to add to the amount of water you have and enjoy safe drinking water for up to 5 years! Aerobic Oxygen can also be used for prevention and regeneration by giving your body what it needs most – oxygen and it is non-toxic, has no side-effects, and is safe for anyone to use.

Aerobic Oxygen will kill all manner of infectious anaerobic bacteria in just minutes and is great to have in your home, with your camping gear, or on your travels. This product can also be used to kill bacteria that may be on your fruits and vegetables; simply soak fruits or vegetables in water and add a few drops of the Aerobic Oxygen.

A personal water filtration bottle is a great item that can be added to everyone’s emergency ‘Grab-N-Go’ kit. Its proprietary ionic adsorption micron filtration system with BIOSAFE® can remove up to 99.99% of bacteria, virus, contaminants and other pollutants found in drinking water. Replacement filters are also a good idea to have on hand and can simply be screwed into the bottle cap when needed.

And if you have been one of the thousands of unlucky homes to have recently been without power for an extended period of time with no way of cooking your food, the new MRE (Meal, Ready to Eat) would have been the perfect ‘add-on’ to your emergency food supply.

Once you are confident that you and your family will have all your basic food, water, first aid, and sanitation needs met in an emergency, it’s easier to think of those ‘extras’ that would be a welcome supplement to your store of supplies.

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