Victoria, British Columbia ( Friday Jan 27, 2023 @ 12:01 AM Central —

Total Prepare, Canada’s #1 source for emergency preparedness, is making their popular Canadian-curated MRE available in the USA. Previously an exclusively Canadian company, Total Prepare is listing the Total Prepare MRE for sale on Amazon’s United States store. With amazing reviews from well-known MRE reviewers like Nathan’s MRE and Average Joe MRE, the high-calorie, self-heating MREs are expected to be a hit in the US’s $51 billion+ ready meal industry.

The best MRE on the market today.” – Nathan’s MRE, Youtube

TPMRE’s are fully cooked meals that can be eaten hot or cold and require no refrigeration to preserve their 5-year shelf life. All US military meal specifications are met or exceeded in the TPMRE meals. To purchase the TPMRE in Canada, shop at, and to find this product in the USA, click here. MRE stands for Meal, Ready to Eat and this style of portable ration is popular for military and emergency use. They are also great for hunting, boating, hiking, and hot lunches on work sites.

Total Prepare’s premium MREs have an average of 1200+ calories in every meal – the highest available in Canada. Each case contains 12 meals, over 10 different entrée, and breakfast menus, including chicken, turkey, bacon, beef, and vegetarian options. Meals come complete with drink mixes, cutlery, side dishes, snacks, and a flameless ration heater. The brand heater activates with a small amount of any non-flammable liquid and is one of the hottest on the market, as well as being safe to use indoors.

Total Prepare paired with Nex-xos a trusted US MRE manufacturer, to curate a menu that we thought Canadians would love. The meals have done well in Canada, with requests coming in from the USA for Total Prepare’s best-selling product. When asked about the decision to release the TPMRE in the USA, Ray Boeyenga, the director at Total Prepare, said “MREs are the best option for emergency food on the go. America is the birthplace of the MRE, and we want to throw our hat into that ring.”

About Total Prepare, Inc.

Founded in 2012 and owned and operated in British Columbia, Total Prepare is Canada’s number one source for emergency preparedness, offering survival kits, Meals Ready to Eat (MRE’s), freeze-dried and dehydrated emergency food, water storage and filtration, and other emergency preparedness products. For more information visit

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