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Reviewing Your Emergency Food Supply


Do you know the expiry dates on every item in your survival kit? If you don’t, you’re probably one of many, so don’t let yourself feel bad. Instead of trying to memorizing a bunch of expiry dates and numbers, it’s probably more efficient and effective to habitually review your entire kit! It doesn’t need to take forever, mostly just a quick check to ensure that everything you’ve so carefully organized and packed away is still ready to aid you in the case of an emergency—perhaps even save your life!

Simply decide how often you’ll check your kit over, then get to practicing. If you decide to do a review twice a year, which is a good plan, it’s best to remove any items that will expire before six months are up. You can then use those items to practice your emergency cooking skills! Of course, you’ll also want to remember to check your fuel canisters and ensure that all tools and equipment are in working condition.

Then, if a disaster does strike and you’re grabbing your emergency kit as you rush to react, you’ll have confidence that everything you’ve packed is ready to keep you nourished, sheltered and safe.

Of course, if you have quality emergency supplies, you won’t need to remove items from your kit very often. This fall at Total Prepare, we’ve introduced a new line of emergency, freeze-dried food products by Auguson Farms. The shelf life of these products is up to 20 years!

With a half dozen new products to choose from, you may even want to try them out before an emergency occurs, just because they’re that yummy! You’ll find that they’re also easy and quick to prepare, in case your emergency is simply that you have not had a chance to do your grocery shopping for the week, and have no time to cook up a fancy meal.

Whatever your emergency, knowing you have food and water that’s safe to eat and ready to nourish you will really boost your confidence in survival!

 -Article contributed by Sophie Wooding – Avid gardener and cyclist in Victoria, BC and Content Writer for Frontier.io

Introducing Augason Farms!

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