Friday Roundup – The Onion, boomers & weddings

Greetings on a sunny Friday in July!  As much as Emergency Preparedness is a subject that requires a sober, balanced, well thought out approach, there are also humourous ways to look at it.  Our first link is to an audio click from The Onion, from there we move on to Emergency Preparedness for Boomers and we conclude with another humorous bit called the  Wedding Day Survival Guide

The Onion is a satirical humourous look at the world through print, audio and video.  The latest one titled “Roommate Eats Emergency Preparedness Kit” is a fine example of their tongue in cheek humour.  It does exemplify that emergency preparedness supplies can be had from what is available in your home.  Long term planning and food storage is of course the preferable course of action. 🙂  You can stay on top of their humour straight from the twitter feed @TheOnion

The baby boomers are moving into the “older” category and resources are opening up specific to emergency preparedness for older adults.  The website is Health for Boomers and Beyond.   There is a link to resources from the Center for Disease Control  for the aging population.  On this website you can find downloadable PDF’s from the Red Cross and other articles for Caregivers in emergency situations.  You may be in this category or may have loved ones at this ripe “young” age.  It is worth checking out and getting informed and prepared.

Speaking of being informed and prepared… your Wedding Day is one of the biggest days you prepare for in your life. From the good folks at we have this: The CDC have released a guide titled “Wedding Day Survival” to it’s disaster preparedness plans.  It is a tongue and cheek approach much like the Zombie Survival Guide released last year.  Following the principles of Get a Kit, Make a Plan and Be Informed, they suggest a brides kit should include a few sedatives and and extra band aid or two for that clumsy flower girl who may get injured.   Making a plan should include emergency phone numbers and a plan for contacting guests in the event of an emergency.  Finally, stay informed by checking the weather report and keeping an eye on those out of town relatives who visit the open bar a little too frequently.

That’s a wrap for this week.  Stay informed and be prepared!