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How to Survive a Snowstorm When You’re Caught Outdoors

Snow shelter for a snowstorm

One of the top tips for surviving a snowstorm is to not get caught off guard. How to do that? Be prepared and know that it’s on its way. Try to stay in touch with the weather report on a daily basis if you have heard of a storm brewing.

All of the basic cold weather safety tips apply on a regular winter day, but what about when a snowstorm has seriously taken over? And what if you’re not at home, and instead you are stuck outdoors?

If you are near your vehicle, get inside and focus on staying warm and hydrated. Check to see if you have cell reception or an internet connection, and let someone know where you are. This kind of situation is why it’s so important to have emergency supplies in your vehicle. Even if you’re only stuck for a day, you’ll be desperate for a few drops of water. Perhaps consider getting one of our starter Auto Safety Kits to keep in your car. It even comes with food and water with a 5 year shelf life as well as a reflective blanket. So your warmth and hydration needs will be covered.

If you are not near your vehicle or a building of any kind, then you’ll want to use nature itself to shelter you. As quickly as possible, scope out the area and go in the direction of trees and brush. If there’s thick enough tree coverage, you may be able to escape a lot of the snow and build yourself a lean to shelter out of branches.

Most important of all, you’ll need to get out of the wind. If building a shelter in the trees is not possible, you may want to consider digging yourself a snow fort. Deep snow is actually a great insulator!

Here are a few resources that will teach you…

For further tips, feel free to explore the above websites with their wonderful devotion to outdoor living, adventures and practical survival in the wilderness. Remember, knowledge is power!

 -Article contributed by Sophie Wooding – Avid gardener and cyclist in Victoria, BC and Content Writer for Frontier.io

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