The Original & Best In-Home Water Storage Container since 1998

Up to 275 Days of Water Storage


  • Engineered with seamless construction to safely handle up to 3000 lbs of water for long term storage in a gravity fed system.
  • FDA and HPB approved foodgrade polyethylene.
  • Slim design to fit through any doorway in your home.
  • Available in 135 gal. (24″W x 40″D x 41.25″H) and 275 gal. (24″W x 40″D x 80″H) sizes.
  • Our unique design minimizes valuable floor space and maximizes essential water storage volume in a vertical cylinder.


Spring loaded vented cap for sufficient air flow when dispensing water.

Spigot included to easily dispense water into 5/6 gallon containers.

Ball valve included c/w hose adapter to drain or transport water.


Why buy from us?

We are 100% Canadian. That means fast shipping, no broker/customs fees and most importantly, 100% Canadian Satisfaction Guarantee!!!