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Some common reasons people refuse to prepare

If my time is up, so be it.

The problem is that if there is a disaster of any type, there is likelihood you will survive. And if you are going to survive, you might as well be safe with food, water, first aid supplies, etc.

A disaster is unlikely to happen.

For the most part, earthquakes, winter storms, flooding, etc happen on their own schedule. There is nothing you can do to prevent them so why not be ready? Not only that, but people who have prepared and who have taken steps to plan ahead often come through the experience feeling like it was not such a big disaster after all.
Bottom line: It is the people who fail to plan and prepare that are caught by surprise and are least able to cope when the inevitable disaster occurs.

I don’t live in fear of the unknown.

The key here is to educate yourself so that you do not live in fear. Assess the risks in your area and for someone in your particular financial condition. There is a saying, be prepared not scared. That definitely applies.
Bottom line: Take steps to prepare for the specific disasters that may occur in your geographical area. Then do your best to educate your loved ones so that they too can live without fear.

I am not in a financial position to prepare.

With careful planning (and perhaps five less latte’s a week) it is not difficult to take small steps toward building up your preparedness supplies bit by bit. Some cans of food, some water purification tools, some first aid supplies – none of these things are overly pricey, especially if acquired over time.
Bottom line: Gradually increase your back-up supplies over time and as you can afford them. You will be surprised at how quickly the items in your survival closet build up.


Procrastination is defined as the act of putting off, delaying or deferring an action to a later time. Alas, that time often never comes. Procrastination is not your friend and might catch you off guard and unable to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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