Tools and Safety Gear

You never know when disaster will strike, but keeping your loved ones safe is always your top priority. Having basic emergency supplies will dramatically increase your odds of survival. Stay prepared with a variety of quality emergency supplies and survival gear products from Total Prepare that will give you the ability to survive hostile environments and disaster scenarios.

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Fire Escape Carabiner


Packable High Visibility Vest


Hard Hat

Starting From: $18.95

Safety Vest

Starting From: $9.95

Folding Shovel with Pick


Sandpiper XL Rolling Load Out Bag, Black




Pocket Sierra Saw


EZ Multitool Knife


Tribe One OP Series MiniNet

$34.99 $17.50

4 in 1 Emergency Tool

$23.95 $21.50

Duct Tape


EZ Emergency Triangle


Coghlan’s Cutlery Set


Tribe One RackNet

$39.99 $19.95