Workplace Kits

Whether your organization or workplace has three people or a thousand, we can provide workplace kits that will keep your employees safe and nourished during an emergency situation.

We provide everything from basic food and water options to deluxe kits that cover all eight areas of preparedness. Ready made or custom built, cabinet, duffel, backpack, or rolling bin kits – we do it all! Don’t forget to keep supplies on hand for customers or guests too.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Total Prepare can custom build workplace kits for your organization. Take advantage of our bulk buying rates and call us for a quote.

**Please note that N95 Masks may ship separately from main kits once stock becomes available.**

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The Legion Survival Kit


40-60 Person Emergency Cabinet Kits

Starting From: $3,989.95

Heavy Duty Storage Cabinet


Two-Wheeled Storage Rolling Bin

Starting From: $175.95

10-30 Person Emergency Cabinet Kit

Starting From: $1,695.95

Individual Essentials Kit


10 Person Workplace Emergency Kit


20 Person Workplace Emergency Kit


100 Person Workplace Emergency Kit


Complete Toilet Set


Emergency Survival Bottle