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Meal Packages are ideal for your Shelter-in-Place preparations. Filled with breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, these buckets of freeze dried food are of premium quality, have a 25 year shelf life and have been voted best tasting.

When searching for appetizing freeze dried and dehydrated survival meals, the method of food preservation matters. Legacy Premium uses fresh, high quality ingredients in order to create survival foods that will be delicious and easy to use. Through extensive research and testing, Legacy Premium has discovered that some foods are better preserved using the freeze-drying process while other foods reconstitute better after being dehydrated. When preserved correctly, survival meals can excel in taste, texture and nutritional value, as Legacy Premium foods do.

In order to help you understand how much food you and your family need, we put together a simple food matrix that will show you how many servings you will need to have on hand to enjoy 3 servings of food per day. Just click on the big green button and compare the number of family members to how many months you would like food supply for and it will show you which serving package to choose.

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