Whether you are looking for Grab and Go emergency food or to Shelter-in-Place with an adequate food supply, Legacy Premium is your best long term food option. Legacy Premium food buckets have an average of 50% more food than comparable serving Wise buckets! Boasting a 25 year shelf life and the largest serving size in the industry as well as the best tasting, you will be happy with your purchase.

Access to food that hasn’t spoiled is quickly limited when sudden disasters like power outages and storms strike. Look through our different categories of emergency food and choose the types that best suit your needs.

Total Prepare recommends that when making a food storage purchase, look for the total number of calories that are included in the package you purchase. Legacy Premium is the industry leader and offers the lowest cost per pound of food!

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*Please note that Imperial (CDN) cups are larger than US cups and adjust accordingly when boiling water for your delicious freeze dried food.*

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