Cook In Pouch Camping Food

Cook in pouch freeze-dried food is perfect for camping or emergency preparedness. These  breakfasts and entrees can be cooked with only boiling water – no pot required – just remember to remove the oxygen absorbor first. With up to a 10 year shelf life and a variety of menu options (gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan) to choose from, you can’t go wrong with these great meals!

Backpacker’s Pantry meals are especially high in protein and tasty to boot! Try staff favourites like Pad Thai (YUM!) or Santa Fe Style Beans and Rice.

*Please note that Imperial (CDN) cups are larger than US cups and adjust accordingly when boiling water for your delicious freeze dried food.*

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Shepherd’s Pie with Beef Pouch by Backpacker’s Pantry


Santa Fe Style Chicken with Rice Pouch by Backpacker’s Pantry


Pad Thai Pouch by Backpacker’s Pantry


Chicken Cashew Curry Pouch by Backpacker’s Pantry