Mass Trauma & Emergency Response

A comprehensive lineup of survival gear that performs in tough times. Improved organization of emergency/first aid kits that are easier to use. Increased mobility with Easy-Roll and MobileAid emergency/first aid kits.

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Pediatric JumpSTART Victim Tag Set


6-Bay Triage Ribbon Dispenser


Adult START Victim Tag Set


Triage Training Tag – Standard (Pack of 50)


Triage Ribbon 4-Pack


Treatment Tarps – Set of 4, with Bag


Treatment Area Flags (Set of 4)


SALT All Risk® Wristband Triage Tag


Rolling Duffel Bag for DMS-05001, 05002, and 05350


Rapid Response Kit (includes Rolling Duffel & EMT3 components)

Starting From: $2,499.95

QuaranTag Quarantine/Isolation Monitoring System


Multi-Hazard Incident Command Worksheet Kit


MCI Ready + Vests Triage Training Kit

Starting From: $2,364.95

Mass Vaccination POD Kit for Small Towns

Starting From: $5,349.95

Blast Injury Victim Cards


Active Shooter Victim Cards


Impact Injuries Deck Series – Set of 3


Hard Hat