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Seeking Disaster Assistance

Seeking disaster assistance

In our most recent post, we talked about disaster recovery and gave some specific safety tips for when you’re returning home after a disaster. Today, we want to share some thoughts about finding assistance after a disaster.

As we shared in our last post, it’s continually important after a disaster to closely monitor your local news stations through radio, television and websites. You should hear about emergency housing, food, first aid, clothing, and financial assistance becoming available. But of course, it may take a while for things to get up and running. Also, depending on where you are located and what kind of infrastructure your city has, you may need to be self-sufficient for a few days—maybe even up to 2 weeks.

While you are waiting for government assistance, you can always ask for help from your neighbours. On the flip side, remember that you might be the only help that someone else has. So consider offering a helping hand or sharing a resource with a neighbour in need.   

Below are a few organizations—whether government-funded or private—that have the community’s best interest at heart and are available to help civilians:

Of course, at Total Prepare we will always encourage you to be totally prepared yourself—in case outside assistance doesn’t arrive on time. You want to be able to get out your first aid kit and treat any injuries—preventing infections. You want to be able to stay warm, dry, hydrated, nourished and in a healthy state of mind. After all, the more prepared you are, the more you will be able to help others around you!

-Content created by Sophie Wooding – Writer, gardener, cyclist and emergency preparedness enthusiast!

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