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Sanitation And Safety – The Perfect addition to Emergency Supplies

If you already have your emergency food and water supply safely stored, it’s time to start thinking about those few ‘extras’ that will make a huge difference to your supplies. Items such as complete toilet sets and respirators are two things that many people don’t automatically think about but will certainly be appreciated whether it’s to complement what you already have stored or to use on camping and outdoor wilderness adventures.

One of the things that often fail during a natural disaster or other crisis is the water supply. While you may have made provisions for clean water for drinking, cooking, and washing, no water can also leave you without toilet facilities. There are two excellent solutions; the first one being a complete toilet set which includes:

·        1 removable toilet seat

·        1 5 gallon bucket

·        1 biohazard bag

·        5 toilet liners

·        5 toilet chemical packs

·        1 roll toilet paper

·        2 bottles hand sanitizer

·        1 pair gloves

The other option is to purchase a Fold-to-Go portable toilet with Double- doodie bio-gel bags. This is a handy, space saving solution that can easily be used by adults and children. The gel inside the bags quickly turn liquid into an odorless gel. With a double zip locking mechanism that ensures a tight, leak-proof seal and a tough outer bag that minimizes any chance of puncturing, the Double Doodie is an essential for any portable toilet use.

Another important item that is especially useful in emergency disasters that compromise air quality are N95 respirators.  These respirators have bendable nose strips that allow them to fit any face size. They are designed to prevent the wearer from breathing small particles in the air. For more specific information on face mask respirators, you can visit the U.S. Food and Drug Administration website.

Whether you are planning an outdoor wilderness adventure, camping in the backcountry or completing your home emergency preparedness supplies, health and sanitation products are two things that should be included in every plan. Unfortunately, these are also items that many people fail to consider when making out their supply list. It is also the two areas that are often most missed in outdoor adventures and emergency planning. Young children and the elderly are typically the ones most adversely affected during emergency situations, especially in the areas of sanitation and airborne particles. Planning ahead for anyone that might be in your home at the time of an emergency is the best way to keep everyone safe, secure and healthy.

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