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Preparing for Safe Snow Adventures

Ski in the snow

A lot of people would prefer to avoid the snow altogether, if they could. Some people fly to warmer locations to wait out the winter. Others stay inside as much as possible. However, some people learn to embrace even the chilliest of seasons and learn to love all of the beauty and magic it has to offer.

For those of you who love snow, it’s still important to remember that snow can pose great danger to your well-being. As a snow-lover, you’re probably already well-aware of the risks, but in case you need a refresher or would like to pass the word along to your fellow snow-adventurers…

Here are 8 crucial snow adventure tips:

  • Plan your trip. This includes knowing your routes, the terrain and the snow conditions. (This is where a little research comes in.) You will also want to share your plan with someone responsible, so they know your approximate whereabouts at any point in the day, should something go wrong.
  • Whether you’re skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, it’s wise to have at least a basic level of training.
    • This includes knowledge of the Alpine Responsibility Code.
    • It’s smart to learn about tree wells and how to avoid them.
    • It’s best to plan on adventuring with a partner, in case of mishap.
  • Remember the essentials! This includes enough layers to stay warm as well as a few extra, dry ones. It means bringing a helmet, sustenance and water. And if you’re wanting to be really prepared, it means bringing a first aid kit and a radio to signal for help if need be. This is besides your board or snowshoes, etc.
  • Lastly, although it’s listed in the Alpine Responsibility Code, it’s worth reiterating: Observe and obey all posted signs and warnings and keep off closed trails and areas.

For more information on being snow-wise on your adventures, visit Adventure Smart!

-Article contributed by Sophie Wooding – Avid gardener and cyclist in Victoria, BC and Content Writer for Frontier.io

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