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Did The Recent Winter Storms Find You Unprepared?

Recent ice storms and winter blizzards have left hundreds of thousands of homes without power from the interior of the west coast to the central provinces and as far east as Newfoundland. If you are one of the fortunate ones to be back on the grid, now is the perfect time to assess just how prepared you and your family were without electricity and in many cases unable to venture out for much needed supplies. Some homes across the country were fortunate to be without power for only a few hours but many homes stayed in the dark for several days and some for up to a week. Indeed there are still outlying areas that continue to be without power.

Now is the time to take stock of the items that would have made this experience not only easier to get through but would have allowed you to help those neighbours that might have been in greater need. While some homes may have had water, many households were left without a way to prepare a nutritious meal for their families. In times of crisis, it can be even more important to have nutritious foods that are properly proportioned and balanced with the right amount of calories and vitamins that our bodies require in times of stress. Opening a few cans may be adequate for a few hours or a day but they will not give you the nutrition you need to sustain you for days or weeks on end.

These recent storms and blizzards have also forced many individuals and families to seek reprieve in makeshift community shelters with little more than the clothes they wore. These kinds of situations are difficult for anyone, but young children can have long lasting effects from being forced out of the security of their homes. Individual emergency ‘Grab-N-Go’ kits for each member of the family would have gone a long way in bringing comfort to those who found themselves away from home; even if just for a day or two. While adults in the family can choose from multi-person survival kits in sturdy backpacks that are equipped with items such as an AM/FM radio, flashlight, ponchos, food bars and more, children can add special security items like a favourite blanket or stuffed toy to their specially sized backpacks. A few of the items contained in the kids’ Grab-N-Go kits contain a water bottle, Millennium Bars, personal hygiene products, and an activity pack that can keep them happily occupied for hours.

Taking stock of what you need to comfortably survive the next storm or any other disaster before it happens is an important lesson that many of us have learned the hard way. Start by making a list of all the things that would have made a positive difference for you and your loved ones and might have been the difference of being able to stay in your home rather than having to go to a shelter for food and safety. If you are unsure about calculating just how much food, water and other supplies will be enough for you and your loved ones, the experts at Total Prepare are always happy to help assess what your particular family’s needs might be. Now is the time to get your family ready for the next storm of the winter!

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