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Ready Wise Freeze Dried Food

Ready Wise Food

About Ready Wise Food

Ready Wise Emergency Food presents a range of high-quality, nutritionally balanced meal options tailored for emergencies or outdoor excursions. Crafted for prolonged shelf life and nutrient retention, our meals offer a dependable source of energy, boasting over 1,800 calories and 40g of protein per day in many of their kits.

What distinguishes them is their unwavering dedication to flavor, recognizing the significance of comfort and satisfaction during trying times. With a diverse array of meal selections, ReadyWise ensures that when necessity arises, you can rely on hearty, delicious meals to sustain you and your loved ones.

History of Ready Wise

Ready Wise was established in 2008, and is located in Salt Lake City Utah.  Although their product line was fairly narrow to start, they have expanded into providing a wide variety of foods.  They are now among the top suppliers of emergency freeze dried food in both Canada and the United States.

How to prepare the food packages

Preparation is effortless – just add water. Traditional cooking methods can be time-consuming, but with ReadyWise, a simple infusion of hot water transforms these long-term storage foods into nutritious, appetizing meals in a matter of minutes. Unlike some brands, Readywise food does not need to be simmered to reconstitute. Just add to boiling water, cover, and save on valuable fuel!

How Long Does it Last?

With a shelf life of up to 25 years, ReadyWise Emergency Food offers peace of mind, ensuring a stable and reliable food source for uncertain times. This longevity allows for storage without concern for spoilage or degradation, empowering individuals and families to face emergencies with confidence.

ReadyWise meals are both cost-effective and easy to store, making them a practical choice for individuals and families of any budget. Their convenient packaging, requiring minimal space and no refrigeration, coupled with simple preparation, ensure accessibility without compromising quality or routine.

Ready Wise 720 Serving Package

Where Can I But Ready Wise Food?

You’re in luck! Total Prepare has a great selection of Ready Wise food. Click here to start your journey!

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