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XMRE Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal Breakfast Bundle


1030 calories in each MRE!

Each case contains 12 Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal Breakfast MREs AND the best meal heaters on the market!

Available in cases of 12, these delicious XMREs (Meal, Ready to Eat) are perfect for outdoor use or emergency preparedness. Each MRE is a fully-cooked kit of great tasting, hearty maple oatmeal that requires no refrigeration and has up to a 5-year shelf life.

XMREs are powered by NXH™ Heating Technology. Tested and certified non-toxic, with no foul odor and safe to use in confined spaces. These flameless ration heaters are ingenious, water activated, and allow you to have a piping hot meal anywhere!

*Note: This page is for cases containing ONLY oatmeal pouches. For full variety pouches please click here.

*Contact us for institutional pricing.

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XMRE Meals Ready to Eat

Each case contains 12 Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal Breakfast MREs.

XMREs are a complete and nutritious meal anytime, anywhere.

Powered by NXH™ Heating Technology, XMREs are a self-contained self-heating multi-course meal pouch with over 1000 Calories on average. These Military-Grade MREs are safe to use in confined spaces and in virtually any temperature thanks to their advanced flameless heaters – all you need is approximately half a cup of any non-flammable liquid! XMREs are ideal for hunting, camping trips, field work, and emergency preparedness for situations where power is inaccessible.

General Info

MREs are multi-course, shelf-stable, ready-to-eat meals developed for feeding soldiers in the field.

Each meal comes in a rugged and waterproof pouch that’s easy to open. Everything in the bag is ready-to-eat, and the only preparation suggested is to activate the ration heater using the provided instructions. Each pouch contains 1030 Calories of US Military-grade food such as drink mixes, sides, and hearty oatmeal. XMREs meet or exceed all specifications set by the US military, which are among the highest standards set for meals-ready-to-eat! Each pouch also contains everything you need to eat a full meal, from cutlery to condiments.


Walk through the XMRE with our host!

XMRE Menu & Contents

Each meal pouch includes:

  • Main course (all maple oatmeal in this case)
  • 3 Side components (fruit sauce, trail mix, and dessert)
  • Beverage mix
  • High power, safe to use, flameless meal heater
  • Accessory Pack: spoon, napkin, condiment kit, and moist towelette.

This is a special production that includes the following meals:

*for cases with a variety of meals, please click here.


Every case and meal pouch of XMRE have the pack date (lot number) embossed on the outside. The pouches are high-density, water and tamper proof XT Series bags that help give the contents their extended shelf life. Like military MREs the XMRE meals have up to a 5 year shelf life if stored in temperatures up to 21° C. Unlike other MREs they still have a guaranteed 3 year lifespan between 22-27° C.

Additionally, you can also freeze an XMRE pouch if necessary. It won’t damage the food inside! It’s best to avoid repeated re-freezing however as that can degrade the pouch’s lamination. For a comprehensive account of storage and shelf life, please see this letter from the manufacturer.

MRE menu items are packaged in a retort pouch to maximize their shelf life. Before the package is sealed, the food is commercially sterilized and the oxygen is removed. This means there’s very little possibility for any oxygen or bacteria to get into your food while the pouch remains sealed. Once a pouch has been opened or punctured, it should be consumed or thrown away immediately. There’s no additional protection beyond the pouch, so don’t store them near anything sharp!

*2022 and later XMREs have a 5 digit date code instead of 4 digit. Eg: 22136 = the 136th day of 2022 (May 25th)

Older date codes use only one number for the year. Eg: 9136 = the 136th day of 2019 (May 25th)

XMRE Specs

  • Case Dimensions: 15.5 x 11 x 9.5 inches
  • Case Weight: 17.2 lbs
  • Pallet Size: 48 Units (40 x 48 x 48 inches, 900 lbs)

XMRE components

Flameless Meal Heater Specs

A proprietary blend of non-toxic chemicals inside a non-woven fabric pad, sealed with ultrasonic sealing technology and individually wrapped in foil, contained inside a 280 x 180mm multilayered constructed bag with 95mm gusset including a high heat resistant open zipper, a steam vent and instructions.

APPROXIMATE TOTAL FRH WEIGHT: 68g including outer printed bag.

HEAT GENERATION: Following the addition of any non-flammable liquid 90/150mls, the chemical mixture will create an exothermic reaction that will generate heat and steam to raise the internal temperature to up to 220 °F with a duration of 10-15 minutes depending on altitude and temperature.

SHELF LIFE: Minimum five years from production date if stored at or below 21° C. Upper limit not known if bag remains sealed.

ADVANTAGES: Stand alone, odorless, safe to use in confined and close spaces, non-flammable, magnesium-free.

Additional information
Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 15.5 × 11 × 9.5 in

Shelf Life

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