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Each Wise Favorites 72-Hour Emergency Meal Kit provides 1753 yummy calories per day for 3 days.

Includes six entrée and three breakfast cook-in-the-pouch meals. Each meal is packaged with 2 servings in a pouch for a total of 18 servings. Entrées include meat. Packages have a shelf life of 7 years. Great for hunting, camping and hiking! Simple to prepare, just add boiling water directly into pouch.

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New, cook-in-the-pouch meals are here from Wise Company! There’s no better way to explore the great outdoors than by packing a backpack and hitting your local hiking trail. However, it’s important for outdoor enthusiasts, especially long-distance hikers, campers or hunters who are planning on staying out in the backcountry for an extended period of time, to carry enough food and water to see them through their entire trip. It can often be difficult to pack away a few days’ worth of food and water into a single backpack, which is why many hikers and campers often prefer to use specialized camping food kits that include dehydrated meals and snacks, for their backcountry needs.


These 72 hour packs come with 18 Servings of easy to prepare meals. From cheesy lasagna to chili macaroni with beef, Wise Food offers a diverse and delicious assortment of ready-made dishes. The food items are sealed within unique pouches that are designed to extend the item’s overall shelf life to 7 years. These outdoor food entrees are truly lightweight so they’re easy to heft around in a backpack. Furthermore, they can be prepared quickly and easily by simply adding water. This package comes with a total of 5,260 calories (1753 cal/day).


The meals included are:


Frequently Asked Questions:

Where should I store my Wise Food?

This depends upon where you live. Wise products are made of both freeze-dried and dehydrated components and are affected by temperature, moisture, oxygen and light. Optimal storage conditions for these foods are in cool, dry places.

How much water will I need?

On average, each individual serving requires 1 cup of water.

Do I have to use boiling water?

Hot water speeds up the process of reconstitution. Wise foods will be ready to eat more quickly when hot water is used. However, many of the foods can be re-hydrated and ready to eat with any temperature of water.


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1 review for Wise Company 72-Hour Emergency Meal Kit

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Very impressed with the camping pouches. I tried the chili mac & beef as well as the apple cinnamon cereal, both had great flavour and texture. Lasts 7 years but I doubt I’ll let it sit that long with how quick and easy and tasty it is.

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Wise Company 72-Hour Emergency Meal Kit

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