Volcano Grill / Stove Lid


Made of a special Heat Resistant material, the NEW Volcano Lid Circulates Heat to create a convection oven from your Volcano Stove. Just place the lid on top of your stove and you have a convection oven anywhere you use your Volcano!

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Our most popular accessory, the Volcano Lid has become a must-have! The lid is made of a durable, heat-resistant material and works trap and circulate heat in the Volcano stove. The Volcano lid increases efficiency and adds to the versatility of the Volcano. This is the best way to bake or smoke with the Volcano. The Lid is also excellent for trapping the heat and (in most cases) eliminating any need for adding briquettes. Easily folds ups and fits in your Volcano stove carrying case. With the combination of the Volcano stove and lid you can bake, Dutch Oven cook, grill, pan fry, and BBQ practically anywhere and with almost any fuel! Talk about outdoor cuisine!


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Volcano Grill / Stove Lid

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