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The Volcano Dutch Oven is an excellent accessory for any Volcano Stove. Perfect for cooking anything from pot-stickers, to cobbler, to pineapple upside down cake in the great outdoors. Designed to hold 8 quarts and made from heavy duty, high-quality cast iron.

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Constructed of quality cast-iron, the Volcano Dutch Oven (DO) is the perfect DO for your Volcano Stove. Patterned after the DO’s from the early 1900’s, the Volcano DO is crafted to be the finest cooking oven available. With its domed-lid and inner basting rings, this DO will circulate heat and maintain moisture better than any other camp stove. The innovative stacking ring allows you to add briquettes to the lid if desired, while also creating a secure option for stacking multiple ovens. A squared handle, tipping assist and a thermometer access hole completes the great feature of this DO.



Baking – When baking with your DO using briquettes, be cautious not to use too many briquettes on the bottom (unless you like the taste of burnt food!). Out rule of thumb is each briquette, in calm, warm weather, will generate about 27° (2.8 C°). so 12-13 briquettes will give you 350°, the most common temperature for DO recipes.  The Volcano is extremely efficient, so you will use less briquettes than normal. Example: When baking rolls, cobbler, etc. use 4 to 5 briquettes on the bottom of the Dutch Oven and 12 to 14 on the lid. Once again, the use of the Lid will allow you to use less, perhaps no, briquettes on top and will ensure even baking.
Charcoal – To cook with charcoal arrange the coals on the bottom grill in a circle. This will provide even heat to the Dutch Oven. Be careful not to burn food and damage your Volcano Stove by using too many briquettes and generating unnecessary heat.

Propane– The Volcano DO has three legs to hold it off the propane diffuser plate. If you use a DO with no legs (a kitchen dutch oven for example) your food will burn and lose . Follow the procedures outlined in the users manual to light the burner. Turn the burner as LOW as you can (the burner is 19,500 BTU’s). Place the diffuser plate on the burner assembly. Put your DO on the diffuser plate. (It should become clear why a a camp DO is the best choice!) Follow the instructions from your recipe.

Stack – Stack DO up to 5 high when using the Volcano. If you are using 8 Qt. Dutch ovens, that’s 40 quarts of food! If you stacking, simply put the appropriate amount of coals on top of each Dutch oven and cook. Try putting long cook time items on the bottom, and short cook time items on top, it will make cooking easier. Dutch ovens are heavy and can easily tip when stacked, so please be careful.

Reduce or eliminate the need for top coals with the Volcano Lid, .

12-13 charcoal briquettes supply the perfect heat for most DO cooking and will give you 60-90 minutes of cooking time, or more in calm conditions.  Through proper use of the air vents you can extend the total cooking time. Some DO recipes call for top coals, depending on the type of food you are preparing. However, the use of the Volcano Lid may reduce or eliminate the need for top heat. Top heat is unnecessary unless you are baking, stacking Dutch ovens, or browning.

Dimensions: 12″ with a deep design to hold up to 8 qts.



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Volcano Dutch Oven

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