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Reusable Poncho


More durable than other emergency ponchos, this poncho is visible and and 100% waterproof! When you’re done with it this vinyl poncho packs back into its compact carrying case for reuse.

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A rain poncho may seem like a small addition to your emergency gear that’s quite forgettable, but quite useful– and not just for improving morale.

Lightweight and durable, this poncho is perfect for packing in your backpack, car, purse, or go-bag. In the city, or in the bush- don’t get caught in the rain unprepared! This poncho conveniently packs into its carrying case for reuse, and is 100% waterproof. It is large enough that it can also be used to cover your go-bag while being worn.

Beyond rainy weather

The uses for a poncho are not limited to rainy weather! It can also be used to protect you from the cold, biting wind, lessening your risk of hypothermia. Or, make a lean-to and protect yourself from harmful UV rays.

It also makes a fantastic ground cloth, both to sit on, or to prevent moisture from seeping into your tent. Simply shake clean when you are ready to go- they pack incredibly light if you are backpacking! Or if you are paddling, these ponchos are long enough to carefully change under while maintaining decency. Similarly, if you are camping, use it to protect your gear the elements if it doesn’t fit in your shelter with you.

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